Jericho says Goldberg has the best spear of all time

Aug 13, 2019 - by James Walsh

Chris Jericho enjoyed Goldberg’s return to the ring at SummerSlam, tweeting out some praise for the WWE Hall of Famer. Jericho took to his Twitter account to put over Goldberg’s spear as “still the BEST spear of all-time.” Goldberg used said spear to destroy Dolph Ziggler three separate times during and after their SummerSlam match after Ziggler refused to stay down.

The praise comes in harsh contrast to Jake “Jack Swagger” Hager, who criticized Goldberg for returning and got into a back-and-forth with several fans on Twitter over it. Hager wrote, “Maybe if u have a match on #summerfest, u should actually be able to work a match [Goldberg] . I’m tired of this s**t…”

After praising Goldberg, Jercihgo got some surprised responses from fans that he was acknowledging watching WWE as an AEW star. Jericho had his own response for that too, as you can see below:

Chris Jericho

Say what you want, but @Goldberg still has the BEST spear of all time. Nobody makes it look that devastating…NOBODY!

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