Young Bucks Say Goodbye to Indy Wrestling on Latest Being the Elite

Aug 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

The latest episode of Being The Elite is online, following the Young Bucks making their final appearance on the wrestling independents scene, which took place last Friday (Aug. 9) at House of Glory High Intensity 8. You can check out the video and a recap for this week’s episode below.

The video starts off with Cody Rhodes talking to an official backstage at an AEW event. AEW referee Rick Knox is standing next to Cody, and Cody accidentally bumps his elbow into him. Knox then instantly falls over, looking dead to the world. At first, Cody thinks this is some sort of “ref bump” rib, but Knox won’t wake up to his commands. Cody then grabs Knox’s wallet from his back pocket, going, “Alright, you’re gonna act like that,’ and tells the other AEW official, “ref bump,” before walking off and the credits start.

The next segment sees the Young Bucks in the airport, and they are filming each other with their cellphone cameras, going “old school.” Matt Jackson notes that the indy show they are going to is probably their last, and it’s really a sort of “historic” weekend for them with House of Glory. Since it’s likely their last indy wrestling event, they want to “make this special.”

The Bucks travel to New York for House of Glory and show some travel and hotel footage. At least they now have Hilton lounge privileges. This then transitions into a hotel room segment with Adam Page. The Bucks note they are filming something “top secret” with Page. There are some other camera and lighting people in the room. Page says, “Yeah, you guys can’t know anything about it until it comes out.” However, it does sound like this secret project will be coming out soon.

The Bucks drive to the venue in Queens, New York in the pouring rain. Fans sadly have to stand and wait outside in the rain until the event can start. The next segment shows the announcement video on the AEW signing of Orange Cassidy. More that is available HERE.

The next segment features Kenny Omega answering a fan question for BTE Mail Bag. The fan asks if AEW is going to have a Halloween pay-per-view where the wrestlers wear costumes or dress up. Omega says they hope AEW will do something Halloween themed “whether it’s a pay-per-view or a TV show.” Omega says he’s looking forward to dressing up as something even bigger and better than the years before for this year’s Halloween. He added, “Keep your eyes peeled because we start TV in October, and Halloween comes soon after that.”

Scorpio Sky of SCU has the next BTE Mail Bag question, which asks his favorite song. Scorpio Sky says his favorite song today is “That Thing You Do” from the movie That Thing You Do. Scorpio Sky then gets up and starts singing the lyrics and dancing to them.

Michael Nakazawa has the next question for the mail bag, asking what he would be doing if he wasn’t wrestling. Nakazawa noted that he got into wrestling because the girl he likes [his wife] liked watching wrestling. So, to answer the question, he has to call this girl and ask her what she likes besides wrestling. Nakazawa then calls up his wife to ask her, and she tells him that she also likes playing video games. Nakawa then says he’d be an “esport athlete” if he wasn’t a wrestler.

Next up is footage of The Young Bucks inside the venue for House of Glory High Intensity 8. Nick Jackson notes that they were House of Glory’s first tag team champions, and they’ve gone from a very small indy promotion to drawing over a 1,000 fans for this show. Matt Jackson notes that House of Glory drew its highest pre-sale ever for this show and that it’s surreal for them to now be helping out and giving back to the independents. There’s also footage of the Bucks talking to and interacting with the fans at the venue. Nick Jackson notes that they have one of the most dedicated fanbases in all of professional wrestling. Matt talks about interacting with the fans and seeing some so often that they know their names and they become like family.

There’s also footage of their opponents for the event, Private Party. They speak about how special it is to face the Bucks for their last show on the independents and how they plan to bring it to them. The Young Bucks note how this is like the end of an era for them.

The next segment shows footage of the match at High Intensity 8 interspersed with Matt’s post-match promo. Matt talks about how he and his brother started their journey 15 years ago performing in independents like this. He said, “We started to make a name for ourselves, and people started to hear these two guys, Matt and Nick Jackson. They look like the Hanson brothers. They’re kind of weird. They kind of copy the Hardys or The Rockers, we don’t know,” adding how Nick Jackson told him not to quit wrestling when he was struggling to put food on the table and almost got evicted. Matt talks about deciding to give his career one more year and how that’s the year they started doing whatever they wanted, and fans started going, “I like these Young Bucks guys.” Matt Jackson added, “All the naysayers say, ‘This is impossible. You can’t do this! Eventually, they’re just going to sign with the WWE or something, right?’ We said, ‘To hell with that! We’re gonna start our own promotion!’” Matt Jackson then puts over Private Party in his promo and talks about their opening round tournament match for AEW’s weekly TNT show on October 9 (More on that HERE). Jackson then thanks New York and all four men take a bow to close out the show.

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