Big E Says New Day Not a Fan of President Donald Trump’s

Aug 12, 2019 - by James Walsh

Mirror Sport writer Donagh Corby recently shared a clip from an interview on Twitter with WWE Superstar and Smackdown tag team champion with The New Day, Big E, where he states he and The New Day would not go to the White House with their championships if invited by President Donald Trump, as other sports stars have turned down or boycotted invitations to the White House from Trump. Below are some highlights and a clip Corby released of the chat of Big speaking about President Trump.

Big E on not being a fan of President Donald Trump: “Obviously, we’re not a big fan of what’s going on with the administration, and I can’t say it’s something I’d be excited to do. So, I have no desire to go to the White House currently. We have a lot of problems in our country. It’s a beautiful country, and there is a lot to celebrate and applaud, but just a lot of the rhetoric that comes out of the White House is something that, obviously, we’re not supportive of. I have no desire to go to The White House.”

Big E on there unlikely to be an invitation anyway: “When there’s a man in The White House that we really respect, then I think there might be an opportunity to go. But obviously, I don’t think there’s any invitation that’s going to be extended any time soon anyway. So I don’t think that’s really a concern.”

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