Maverick tries to reclaim the 24/7 title during SummerSlam Meet & Greet session

Aug 10, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Drake Maverick had another go at reclaiming the 24/7 title during the SummerSlam Meet & Greet sessions at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre but despite the elaborate plan, R-Truth still managed to get out with his title.

Maverick raided the Superstore on location and bought a bunch of oversized John Cena merchandise and waited to meet R-Truth while also having a WWE referee following him wearing a shirt on top of the usual referee shirt. Maverick met Truth, and Truth did not realize it was him, but after the referee removed his clothing to reveal the ref shirt, Maverick rolled up Truth from behind to try and pin him in front of everyone. Truth kicked out and then Titus O’Neil went for the cover but Maverick broke it off.

After Truth managed to escape, O’Neil dumped Maverick head first into a trash bin. A disappointed Maverick then walked around the convention center wearing the trash bin lid with trash all over him. He even walked in front of Triple H who was doing his own meet and greet and Triple H asked him if he was alright!

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