NXT Takeover: Toronto

Aug 10, 2019 - by Marc Middleton

– The WWE NXT “Takeover: Toronto 2019” pre-show opens live from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Charly Caruso welcomes us. We see fans filing into the arena. Charly is joined by Sam Roberts and Pat McAfee.

The panel discusses tonight’s NXT Women’s Title match between champion Shayna Baszler and Mia Yim, and we get a video package. We also see backstage video from earlier today of NXT Champion Adam Cole and the rest of The Undisputed Era. Cole promises they will end the night by standing on top of the NXT mountain, draped in all of the gold. We get more panel discussion for tonight’s card. They air a video package for tonight’s Triple Threat between Roderick Strong, Pete Dunne and NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream. Sam believes the match will steal the show.

We also get backstage video from earlier today of Johnny Gargano. Gargano talks about winning back the NXT Title and cementing his legacy tonight. Johnny Wrestling says he is back. We go back to the panel for more discussion on the match. They run down tonight’s card and send us to another video package on the main event. After the video we get a message from NXT General Manager William Regal, who says there will be a definitive winner in tonight’s main event. He reveals a huge Steel Cage for the final stipulation, and it’s filled with weapons, including barbed wire and kendo sticks. We come back to the panel and they’re shocked at the reveal. Charly sends us to one final video package to wrap the pre-show.

– The WWE NXT “Takeover: Toronto 2019” event opens live from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as Mauro Ranallo welcomes us. He’s joined by Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. The lights go in the arena as a massive LED board lights up behind the stage. We get a special rendition of the NXT theme song as a video package plays. Mauro hypes the show as we go ringside to the announcers. We see the Spanish announce team at ringside.

NXT Tag Team Titles Match: The Undisputed Era vs. The Street Profits

We go right to the ring and out come NXT Tag Team Champions The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Out next are Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish of The Undisputed Era.

The bell rings and we get dueling chants early on as O’Reilly and Dawkins start off. Dawkins rushes O’Reilly into the corner after some words, but backs off and smiles. O’Reilly slaps him in the face as the referee tries to separate them. They tangle but Dawkins slams O’Reilly on the mat. Dawkins keeps control on the mat and slams O’Reilly again. Dawkins with more offense, dropping O’Reilly with a shoulder. Fish tags in and goes to work on Dawkins. Dawkins drops him with a shoulder.

Ford tags in for the double team, connecting with a dropkick for a pop. Ford takes Fish down for a 1 count. Ford keeps control and we get another quick tag and double team from the champions. Ford goes back at Fish but Fish unloads with strikes. Fish tosses Ford to the floor and tags in O’Reilly. Ford fights off the double team but gets dropped with a forearm. O’Reilly backs Ford into the corner with more offense as fans do dueling chants again. Both teams tangle at once. Fish gets sent to the floor and O’Reilly is dropped on his face with the double team. Ford ends up laid out on the floor by Fish. O’Reilly comes back in and goes at it with Dawkins. Dawkins chases O’Reilly out and back in but Fish tags in. Dawkins uppercuts O’Reilly down and slams Fish as he comes in off the tag. Fish drops Dawkins with a big elbow off the ropes.

Fish controls Dawkins for several minutes and keeps pounding while he’s down. O’Reilly comes back in and keeps Dawkins down as fans try to rally for The Profits. Dawkins fights up and trades strikes with O’Reilly. Fish tags back in and goes to knock Ford off the apron but Ford dodges it. Fish turns around to a backdrop from Dawkins. Ford tags in and unloads on Fish. Fish with a big leaping lariat. Ford drops O’Reilly as he comes in. Ford with a belly-to-back and a standing moonsault to Fish for a close 2 count. Ford with more big offense to Fish but he can’t get the win. O’Reilly knocks Dawkins off the apron. Fish eventually tags him back in for the big double team moves. Ford still kicks out at 2.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” as Ford fights off the challengers. Ford ends up on the top but he continues fighting his opponents off. Fish hits a super Exploder from the top. O’Reilly follows up with a big knee drop and then applies the ankle submission in the middle of the ring. Dawkins is down on the outside as Ford reaches for a rope. Fish flies in and nails Ford while he’s locked in. O’Reilly re-positions the hold and tightens it. Dawkins runs in and slams O’Reilly onto Fish to break the hold. Fans go wild and chant for NXT as all four competitors are laid out.

Dawkins finally gets the hot tag and unloads on both opponents. Dawkins with a huge overhead belly-to-belly on O’Reilly for a pop. Dawkins takes the reactions in and waits for Kyle but runs into a big knee strike. Dawkins gets caught in a guillotine by Kyle as Ford comes off the top with a big Blockbuster. Fish breaks the pin up just in time. Both teams trade shots in the middle of the ring now. O’Reilly and Ford are the only ones in the ring now. Ford sends Kyle out and runs the ropes, nailing a huge dive on both of his challengers. Fish and Kyle come back in. Dawkins hits a Spear on both. Ford follows up with a big Frogsplash on O’Reilly for the pin to retain.

Winners: The Street Profits

– After the match, Ford and Dawkins raise their titles and celebrate as the music hits. They exit the ring as we go to replays. We come back to The Street Profits dancing with fans in the crowd. They go through the crowd to the back as the camera follows.

– Back from a break and we see Johnny Gargano backstage warming up for the main event.

– Ricochet is shown sitting at ringside and he gets a pop.

– Mauro leads us to a video package for the next match.

Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai

We go to the ring and out first comes Io Shirai. Candice LeRae is out next.

LeRae rushes the ring and tackles Shirai. They tangle and the referee separates them, calling for the bell. Shirai immediately goes to the floor. LeRae follows and goes right to work on her. Candice brings it back in but Shirai attacks her. Shirai goes for the sunset flip powerbomb from the apron to the floor but Candice holds on. Shirai still sends her to the floor face-first. Shirai keeps control and drops Candice on top of the announce table with a big suplex.

Shirai returns to the ring as Candice is down. Candice makes it in right before the 10 count hits. Shirai goes right to work on her. Shirai mounts Candice with strikes. Shirai with a Flapjack and a big kick to the face for a 2 count in the middle of the ring. Shirai keeps Candice grounded now. Candice fights up and into the corner, taking Shirai down. Candice charges and takes Shirai down with a flying headscissors but Shirai lands on her feet. Shirai nails a dropkick.

Shirai drops Candice again and keeps her grounded, focusing on the neck. Fans try to rally for the wife of Johnny Gargano. Shirai rams Candice back into the corner, upside down, and then spikes her into the mat for a close 2 count. Candice finally turns it around after a missile dropkick attempt. Candice backs Shirai into the corner and unloads with strikes. Candice keeps control and hits a Brainbuster for a close 2 count.

More back and forth after a submission. Shirai goes for a 619 but Candice catches it and hits a neckbreaker. Candice covers for a close 2 count. Shirai ends up dropping Candice on her injured neck. More back and forth now. Shirai is on the outside when Candice runs the ropes and nails a huge dive into a DDT on the floor. Candice brings int back in and works over Shirai for another pin attempt. Shirai turns it around and applies a Crossface but can’t get the win. More back and forth between the two. Shirai drives Candice down but Candice comes back with a snap German suplex. Shirai with more offense of her own, including a German suplex for a close 2 count. Shirai can’t believe it.

Shirai drives knees into the corner while Shirai is down. Shirai climbs up and flies with more knees as a counter. Candice slides off Shirai’s shoulders and spikes her into the mat for a pin attempt. Candice takes Shirai to the top and hits a super swinging neckbreaker but Shirai kicks out. Fans chant “this is awesome!” after more back and forth. Shirai takes Candice back to the top for a huge Spanish Fly. Fans go wild as Candice kicks out again. Shirai can’t believe she kicked out, showing frustration. Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” now. Shirai beats on Candice some more. Candice rolls Shirai up for a 2 count. Shirai with more big moves and a top rope moonsault but Candice is still kicking out.

Fans chant for NXT after the moonsault kick out. Shirai sloppily beats on Candice in frustration now. Shirai with a Koji Clutch in the middle of the ring now. Candice struggles to get out of the hold but Shirai keeps it locked. Candice passes out in the hold and the referee calls the match.

Winner: Io Shirai

– After the match, Shirai stands tall as her music hits. We go to replays while Candice is still laid out. Shirai stands over Candice and mocks her as the referee checks on her.

– Back from a break and the announcers thank Slipknot for their “Unsainted” single as tonight’s theme song.

– We see Shayna Baszler warming up for tonight’s title defense.

– The announcers are hyping tonight’s NXT North American Title match when Matt Riddle comes running through the crowd as fans pop. He hops the barrier and enters the ring with a mic. Riddle says he knows Killian Dain is in the arena. Riddle calls out Dain to fight. He drops the mic and waits. Dain runs down and Riddle meets him on the outside as they start brawling. The brawl continues until Dain nails a big boot to the head. Officials run down and get in between them as Dain continues the brawl. Dain walks up the ramp but Riddle runs up and decks him. They continue pounding on each other as officials yell at them. Dain gouges at Riddle’s eyes. Riddle ducks a shot and nails a knee strike, bringing Dain to one knee. Riddle charges with another big knee to bring him down. Riddle mounts Dain with strikes as security runs out and breaks it up. Riddle starts assaulting security and dropping them with kicks. Riddle with a GTS to one guy. Riddle turns to Dain but Dain takes him down with a crossbody. Security pulls Dain off Riddle but he starts dropping them next. Dain yells out to the crowd but Riddle jumps on his back with a Sleeper. Dain rams Riddle back into the LED screen a few times. Riddle jumps back on Dain’s back. Dain charges to the edge of the stage with Riddle on his back, clotheslines a security guard on the way down. Dain lands on top of Riddle down below the stage, crashing through the tables. The security guard went with them. Fans chant “holy shit!” as officials check on them all.

– Back from a break and we see what just happened between Matt Riddle and Killian Dain.

– EVOLVE Champion Austin Theory is shown at ringside.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Triple Threat for the NXT North American Title: Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne vs. The Velveteen Dream

We go back to the stage and The Mountie’s theme song airs. The Canadian flag is shown on the big screen and there are dancers in Mountie gear. This turns into a celebration for the Toronto Raptors, the 2019 NBA Champions. Their logos are shown on the screens now. That turns into NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream making his entrance. They all dance around Dream on the stage before he makes his way down the ramp to a pop. Mauro indicated that the dancers were from the Raptors. The Undisputed Era’s Roderick Strong is out next. Pete Dunne is out last.

They meet in the middle of the ring for some showing off from Dream. A fight breaks out and Dream is sent out. Dunne and Strong go at it. Dunne with a big clothesline. Dunne bends Strong’s fingers back as Dream comes in. Dream clotheslines Strong to the floor. Strong pulls Dunne out of the ring before Dunne and Dream can go at it. Strong sends him into the barrier. Strong comes in but Dream mounts him in the corner for strikes. Dream keeps control of Strong. Strong avoids a Sharpshooter and kicks Dream away. Dunne comes back in and decks Strong. Dream dropkicks Strong.

Dunne and Dream are taking turns on Strong now. Dream whips Strong at Dunne and Dunne backdrops Strong to the floor. Dream and Dunne go at it now. More back and forth now. Dream blocks a Bitter End. Strong pulls Dream into the ring post. Strong with a wrecking ball dropkick on Dream on the floor. Strong takes turns doing big moves on both opponents on the floor now. He slams Dunne on top of the barrier and gets a pop. Strong brings Dunne back into the ring for a close 2 count. Strong goes back to work on Dunne now. Strong drives Dunne into the mat for a 2 count. Strong keeps control for several minutes while Dream is still out of the ring. Dunne fights back but Strong dropkicks him. Dream finally comes back in, flying off the top with an axe handle on Strong.

Dream works Strong over and hits a backbreaker. Dream flies from the top with a knee attempt. Dream applies a Sharpshooter to Strong now. Dunne goes to the top and nails a dropkick to Dream’s back to break the Sharpshooter. Dream and Dunne end up on the floor. Dream decks him but Strong goes to the apron. Strong with a big dropkick to Dream. Dunne with a big moonsault from the apron, taking down both opponents on the floor.

They bring it back in the ring and Dunne keeps control, hitting Germans on both opponents. Dunne with a 2 count on Dream. Dunne stomps away on both opponents now. Dream and Strong team up to bring Dunne down, and then pound on him. Strong and Dream start hitting each other now. Dunne gets up and now all three are trading strikes in the middle of the ring. They continue with big kicks to each other. Dunne gets the upperhand as fans pop for him and chant for NXT. Dunne stomps on the fingers of both opponents at the same time. Dream rocks Dunne and hits the Dream Valley Driver. Strong with an Olympic Slam to Dream. Dunne with the X Plex to Strong. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now while all three Superstars are down.

Dream goes to the top but Dunne rocks him and knocks him to the apron. Dunne climbs up to the second rope and grabs Dream. Dunne goes for a superplex back into the ring but Dream fights out. Dream climbs to the top but Dunne grabs his fingers and bends them. Strong comes over and climbs up with them now. Strong slams Dunne back to the mat with a super Olympic Slam. Dream flies after that and barely connects on Dunne, if at all. More back and forth now. Strong drops Dunne on his knee. Strong goes for the Tiger Bomb but Dunne tries for a triangle. They tangle and go into the corner. Dream goes to the top turnbuckle across the ring. Dream flies across the ring with a big elbow drop, hitting Dunne to break the struggle he was having with Strong.

Strong rocks Dream with a big knee, then one for Dunne. Strong with several running rights to both competitors in a row. He spikes Dream and powerbombs Dunne on him. Strong with a double Strong Hold now, applied to both opponents at the same time. Strong drops the hold and now all three are down once again. Dream kicks Strong away. Dunne grabs Strong’s fingers. Dream superkicks Strong into Dunne. Dream scoops them both at the same time for a DVD but they slide out. Strong with a big knee to Dream’s face as Dunne was going for his fingers. Dunne grabs their fingers and snaps both of them back. Dunne slams Strong on his face but Dream has the referee distracted. The referee finally counts but Dream interrupts his count. There are no disqualifications. Dunne sees this and unloads on Dream. Dunne stomps Dream’s face into the mat. Strong dodges a kick from Dunne. Strong with big forearms to Dunne now. Strong and Dunne tangle some more now. Dunne with a big kick. Strong drops Dunne and applies the Boston Crab. Dream runs in and breaks it, tossing Strong over the top rope to the floor. Dream scoops Dunne and hits the DVD. Strong runs in and tosses Dream out to the floor. Strong drops Dunne over his knee but it’s botched some, he barely connects. Dream runs right back in to break Strong’s pin attempt, stealing the pin to win and retain.

Winner: The Velveteen Dream

– After the match, Strong recovers and stands tall as his music hits. We go to replays. Dream hits the turnbuckles to pose, raising the title in the air.

– Back from the break and Mauro gives another shout-out to the NBA Champions, the Toronto Raptors, as a graphic for them is shown.

– We see Mia Yim backstage warming up as Phoenix sends us to a video package for the next match.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Mia Yim vs. Shayna Baszler

We go to the ring and out comes Mia Yim first. She’s surrounded by several members of her “street team” on the stage, men and women who are wearing bandanas over their faces like she is. Out next comes NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

We get formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor to start. The bell rings and here we go. Mauro says Yim has her whole family here. Baszler goes for a submission but Yim snatches at her ear. Baszler pushes her off. They go at it some. Yim drops Baszler and kicks her head a bit. Baszler applies an arm submission on Yim. Yim reaches for Baszler’s hair. Baszler keeps control and rolls Yim around. Yim gets her feet on the bottom rope to break the hold. Yim arm drags Baszler a few times and keeps her grounded.

Yim sends Baszler into the corner and keeps talking trash. Yim charges with a corner cannonball, sending Baszler out of the ring. Yim runs the ropes for a dive but Baszler meets her at the ropes with a big right hand. Yim counters a shot into the barrier and sends Baszler into the steel ring steps instead. Yim continues working on the arm and using the steps, taking her time. Yim traps Baszler’s arm behind the steps and then dropkicks it. Yim brings it back into the ring but Baszler takes her down and kicks her in the head. Baszler sells the injured arm as the match slows down.

Baszler charges with a knee and kicks Yim around, while still holding her arm. Baszler takes Yim back down and kicks her in the back for a 2 count. Baszler keeps Yim down with a foot on her face. Baszler mounts Yim with strikes but the arm is still giving her trouble. Baszler stands on Yim’s arm and stomps on it. Baszler with another takedown and submission. Baszler drops Yim with a kick to the chest for a 2 count.

Baszler keeps control and applies a standing armbar. Yim brings Baszler down by her hair. Baszler charges and drops Yim again. Baszler wastes some time holding her arm but covers for a 2 count. They tangle some more and Yim rolls Baszler up for a 2 count. Yim kicks the injured arm but Baszler dropkicks her for a 2 count. Yim gouges the eyes once again while Baszler has her in a hold. Baszler misses a kick and Yim slams her back on her head. Yim with a clothesline and a roundhouse kick. Yim with strikes. More back and forth between the two now. Yim tosses Baszler over her head. Yim yells out and gets hyped up. Yim runs the ropes and hits a suicide dive to the floor. Yim brings it back into the ring and hits a tornado DDT for a close 2 count.

Yim misses a big boot in the corner. Baszler follows up with a jumping knee to the face. Baszler with a kick to the face for a close 2 count. Baszler is still clutching her arm, wasting some time. Yim blocks a suplex attempt. Yim drops Baszler face-first into the top turnbuckle. Yim applies the Tarantula submission on the ropes but the referee counts and it’s broken. Yim goes to the top but Baszler rocks her. Baszler climbs up and goes for a super gutwrench suplex but her arm is bothering her. Yim fights back. Yim hits a big super Code Blue but Baszler still kicks out at 2.

Yim kicks away at the injured arm now. Baszler catches her in a Kirifuda Clutch attempt but Yim fights it off. Yim stomps on the arm now as Baszler would do. Yim drops Baszler with a kick and then applies an armbar. Yim kicks Baszler in the face while she has the hold applied. Baszler slides out and turns it into the Kirifuda Clutch. Yim breaks free by bending the fingers back. Baszler comes right back with another triangle submission with the knees around the neck and Yim taps out.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

– After the match, Baszler stands tall as her music hits. We go to replays. We come back to Baszler raising the title on the stage as Yim looks on.

– Back from a break and we see WWE UK Champion WALTER at ringside. Tyler Bate is also shown at ringside in another section. Bate will face WALTER at NXT UK “Takeover: Cardiff” on August 31.

– We get a video package for tonight’s main event.

2 of 3 Falls Match for the NXT Title: Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole

The first fall of tonight’s main event will be a classic singles match. The second fall will be a Street Fight and if needed, the third and final fall will be a Steel Cage match. We go to the ring and out first comes Johnny Gargano. Gargano is wearing Wolverine-themed gear. Fans start chanting Adam Cole’s name as Gargano waits. The music hits and out comes the leader of The Undisputed Era, the NXT Champion. We get formal ring introductions from Taylor.

They stare each other down after the bell as fans do dueling chants. They lock up and go at it now. They trade holds and Gargano takes Cole down first. They get back up and fans pop. They lock up again and Cole drops Gargano with a shoulder. More back and forth now. They both dodge several moves from each other. They both go for kicks at the same time but put the brakes on. We get another stare down after they separate. Fans do dueling chants as they lock up again. Gargano takes it to the corner. Cole ends up going for a Panama Sunrise but Gargano retreats and stares him down. Gargano does the same but Cole puts his brakes on. Gargano sends Cole to the floor and dropkicks him through the ropes.

Gargano brings Cole back into the ring as fans do more dueling chants. Cole goes back out the other side to the floor. Cole rocks Gargano from the floor and pulls him down but Gargano kicks him back. Gargano comes off the apron but Cole moves. Cole kicks but Gargano moves and Cole kicks the steel steps. Gargano drives Cole’s knee and he goes down on the floor. Gargano brings it back into the ring but stops to slam Cole’s leg over the edge of the apron a few times. Gargano brings it back into the ring and works on the leg.

Cole fights in from the apron but Gargano blocks him. They end up on the floor and Cole launches Gargano back into the side of the ring. Cole brings it back into the ring and hits a neckbreaker. Cole drives a knee into the back and keeps Gargano grounded. More dueling chants from the crowd. Gargano fights back from his knees. Cole with an inverted neckbreaker for a 2 count. Cole keeps Gargano grounded with a scissors around the neck now. Gargano bridges up for a 2 count. Cole keeps the scissors applied.

Gargano twists Cole’s ankle to break the hold. Gargano with an ankle lock now. Cole launches Gargano face-first into the turnbuckles to break the hold. Cole goes to the second rope but lands bad on his knee as Gargano moves. Cole charges but Gargano sends him into the corner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Gargano looks to make a comeback now, unloading on Cole. Gargano rolls Cole up but boots him in the face. Cole dumps Gargano to the apron. Cole counters the slingshot spear. Gargano fights back and drives Cole into the mat for a close 2 count. Gargano with chops in the corner now. Gargano mounts Cole in the corner and works him over. Cole slides out but Gargano comes off the second rope with a shot to the leg. Cole goes down and clutches his knee. Gargano applies a Figure Four in the middle of the ring.

The hold is broken but Gargano keeps going for the leg. Cole fights back. Gargano misses an enziguri. Cole with a wheelbarrow slam for a close 2 count. More back and forth now. Cole with a big boot to the back of the head. Cole dodges a clothesline and nails an enziguri. Gargano with a big kick. Cole comes off the second rope but Gargano catches him in a sunset driver for a close 2 count. Gargano takes Cole to the top but Cole stops him. Cole counters for a sunset bomb attempt but his knee goes out. Cole comes right back after a big Codebreaker and drives Gargano into the mat for another 2 count. Fans chant “this is awesome!” as they trade shots from their knees now. They collide with clotheslines and punches but miss kicks. They both go down after colliding in the middle of the ring.

Cole ends up dropping Gargano with a kick to the head at the ropes. Gargano counters on the floor and sends Cole into the barrier. Gargano brings it back in the ring and hits the big DDT for a close 2 count. Cole goes to the floor and Gargano kicks him from the apron. Gargano brings it back in but Cole breaks him down with kicks. Cole drives Gargano into his knee for a close 2 count. Cole shows some frustration now after the kick out. Cole unloads on Gargano in the corner as the referee counts now. Cole and the referee have words now.

Cole goes to the timekeeper’s area and grabs a steel chair. Cole brings it back in the ring and the referee stops him, grabbing int. Cole kicks Gargano below the belt while the referee isn’t looking as he turned to put the chair out of the ring. Gargano still kicks out at 2. Cole grabs the chair and sits it up, taking a seat in front of Gargano. Cole poses and fans pop. Cole mocks Gargano from the chair now. Cole stands up and grabs the chair again. The referee warns him. Cole tosses the chair and backs the referee into the corner. Cole turns around to a big superkick from Gargano. Gargano grabs the chair now and he’s also warned. Cole gets up and Gargano smacks him in the back with the chair. The referee calls the first fall and Cole is announced as the winner of the fall.

Gargano reacts by unloading on Cole with chair shots. Gargano takes a seat in the chair and Taylor makes the announcement – the Street Fight fall is now underway. The bell rings. The brawl kicks off and they go to the floor. Gargano keeps control and sends Cole over into the crowd. They brawl through the crowd now with Gargano keeping control.

Gargano slams Cole’s head several times and comes off a barrier with a double axe handle as the crowd cheers him on. Cole fights back right in front of the fans as the brawl continues through the crowd. Gargano drops Cole with a big superkick out of nowhere. Gargano brings Cole near a production area and puts him in a rolling chair, sending him into the barrier next as fans chant for tables. Gargano brings it back to the ringside area. Gargano leaps off the top of the barrier, splashing Cole through another part of the barrier, crashing him through it. Fans chant “holy shit!” now. The referee checks on Cole as Gargano slowly recovers. Gargano takes apart the announce table now.

Cole turns it around on top of the table but Gargano backdrops him, putting Cole through the Spanish announce table. Gargano pulls a table from under the ring and the crowd pops. Gargano takes it all in and then pulls another table out. Fans pop louder as Gargano puts both tables in the ring. Fans chant “Johnny Tables!” now. Gargano tosses two chairs into the ring as well. He enters but Cole drops him with a Shining Wizard. Cole drives Gargano into a steel chair but Gargano kicks out at 2. Cole wedges a chair into the corner. Gargano avoids it and fights Cole off. Cole slides out of a Snake Eyes attempt and drops Gargano. Cole goes to the top but Gargano cuts him off. Gargano scoops Cole and drives him face-first into the wedged chair in the corner. Gargano applies the GargaNo Escape and Cole taps out for the second fall. The match is now tied 1-1.

Taylor announces that we are now going into the third and decisive fall. Cole and Gargano are still down. Fans start cheering as we see the steel cage lowering around the ring. A crew of referees are waiting in the corners to anchor the cage in. We see barbed wire, a fire extinguisher, kendo sticks and more weapons in the cage or attached to it. We get replays of the first two falls as the cage is hooked up.

Gargano and Cole face off as fans chant for ECW now. Taylor says there is no escape from the cage and the only way to win is pinfall or submission. Barbed wire is all around the top of the cage. The bell rings and Cole goes for a kendo stick but Gargano attacks him. They unload on each other with strikes in the middle of the ring. Cole with big kicks. Gargano drops him with a big clothesline. Gargano swings a stick but Cole superkicks him down. They trade kendo stick shots now, unloading in the middle of the ring. They both go down with double superkicks and fans pop.

Fans chant for NXT and “this is awesome!” now as the action continues. Gargano takes control and sends Cole back into a chair that is sitting up. Gargano superkicks Cole out of the chair and covers for a 2 count. Fans chant “fight forever!” now. Gargano stands a table up near the corner. Cole rams a chair into Gargano’s gut. Cole with a chair shot over the back. Cole starts forming a pile of chairs. Cole sends Gargano head-first into a chair that’s hanging on the wall of the cage. Cole grabs a kendo stick and chokes Gargano with it. Cole hits a Backstabber with a kendo stick for a 2 count. Cole grabs two chairs and puts them together sitting up. Cole takes Gargano to the top and looks to superplex him onto the chair bridge. Gargano resists. Gargano knocks Cole to the mat and sprays him in the face with a fire extinguisher.

Gargano with a tornado DDT into the chair bridge for a 2 count. The referee checks on Cole as we get a replay of the DDT. Gargano with kendo stick shots while Cole is down. Gargano climbs up for a sledgehammer attached to the top of the cage now. Cole climbs up after him. Gargano brings Cole down from up high with a powerbomb but Cole kicks out at 2.

Gargano brings the sledgehammer down from the top as fans chant for Triple H. Cole superkicks Gargano twice before he can use the sledgehammer. Cole climbs up and brings a ladder down from the top. Cole hits a huge Panama Sunrise from up on the cage but Gargano still kicks out at 2 as fans pop and chant for NXT again. Cole stands a ladder up now. There’s also still a table standing in the closest corner. Cole climbs the ladder as Gargano slowly gets to his feet. Cole goes for another huge Panama Sunrise from up high and he hits it. Gargano kicks out again and Cole can’t believe it.

Cole with a kendo stick shot to keep Gargano down. Cole keeps control and sits another chair up. Cole places Gargano’s face on top of the edge of the chair and runs with a kick but Gargano moves. Cole’s knee smashes into the knee and he’s down in pain. Gargano goes to choke Cole with the kendo stick but Cole bites him to stop it. Gargano grabs the sledgehammer but Cole grabs it and slaps him. They struggle. Gargano hits Cole in the gut with the sledgehammer but Gargano also goes down on his knee. Gargano places the ladder in the corner, standing up, and positions the standing table right next to it.

Cole watches from the mat, clutching his ribs, as Gargano grabs another table and stands it up. Gargano stands the second table next to the first, forming one large table next to the ladder. Gargano places Cole on top of the tables. Gargano climbs the ladder but Cole rolls off the tables to the mat. Gargano comes back down the ladder as Cole struggles to get to his feet. Gargano with a big kendo stick shot in the corner. Gargano goes to the top and grabs Cole for a big Canadian Destroyer. Gargano nails it, driving Cole into the mat with his own Sunrise move but Cole still kicks out. Fans chant “fight forever!” again.

Gargano empties a bag out and we see brass knuckles, pliers and some other smaller weapons. Gargano climbs to the top of the cage and uses the cutters to cut off a piece of barbed wire. Cole watches from the mat as Gargano brings the barbed wire down. Cole climbs to the top of the cage now. Gargano climbs the ladder. Cole is on top of the cage now, using a platform that looks to be made out of a cage door on top. Gargano climbs up to the cage door platform with him, trading shots at the very top of the cage. The door is positioned as a bridge from one side of the corner of the cage to the other. They briefly struggle up top before Cole brings Gargano flying down to the mat, putting him through the tables with a massive slam, barbed wire and all. Cole places his arm over Gargano, the referee counts the pin and Cole retains.

Winner: Adam Cole

– After the match, Cole’s music hits as the cage is raised back above the ring. They are still laid out, Cole with his arm still over Gargano. The rest of The Undisputed Era runs down and helps Cole up. They help Cole up the ramp as we see Gargano still laid out in the ring. The Undisputed Era stands tall on the stage, Cole barely able to hold up the NXT Title. NXT “Takeover: Toronto 2019” goes off the air with The Undisputed Era standing on the stage.

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