Moxley Confirms He Can Do More Work With NJPW Once G1 Climax is Done

Aug 8, 2019 - by James Walsh

Jon Moxley’s participation in the G1 Climax will not necessarily be the end of his run in NJPW. Moxley spoke with Nikkan Sports for a new interview and during it, he confirmed that he is able to compete in NJPW despite his AEW contract beyond just the G1 29, which finishes up this weekend.

Asked if there’s any plans for him to compete in NJPW after the G1, Moxley said, “Fortunately, there’s no problem in fighting in New Japan while belonging to [AEW]. Going forward, I can always show up in Japan and compete.”

He added as to why he went to New Japan, “I was a big fan of Japanese professional wrestling. I wanted serious professional wrestling, not entertainment that involved crappy characters. I knew that was my home and that Japanese wrestling was such a serious place. During my time in WWE, I went where I was told by WWE and fought who I was told. Now, I’m free to do anything. I can compete, learn enjoy life all over the world.”

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