Becky Lynch Says She Absolutely Doesn’t Miss Ronda Rousey

Aug 6, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Sporting News recently interviewed WWE Superstar and Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch on a variety of topics ahead of Summerslam. Below are some highlights.

Lynch on her reaction to making the WWE 2K20 cover: “You know, “The Man” doesn’t shriek but I may have shrieked when I found out. It’s pretty cool. There’s certain things you want in your life. One of them is main-eventing WrestleMania, one of them is to be a playable character in a video game. And to be on the cover of the video game – stop it. That’s next level stuff.”

Lynch on if it’s difficult keeping her top spot: “Yeah, it’s probably harder, you know because you’re always the hero on the chase to the villain and the victory, right? Everybody wants to support you when you’re climbing but once you get there, everybody kind of wants to knock you down a peg or two … or three or four or five. So, the work gets harder. We are in the business of how have you entertained me lately. OK, yeah, you did something cool last week but what have you done this week? What did you do on Twitter? What did you do in Instagram? So, it’s always constantly thinking of more ways to evolve and then you’ve got more attention, you’ve got more eyes on you. You always have to be thinking. You always have to be creative and working and trying to evolve.”

Lynch on if she knew her attack on Charlotte Flair at Summerslam would be such a big moment: “Yes, I actually did at the time because I knew that the people were there supporting me and that I knew once you decide that you’ve had enough and you’re not going to take crap anymore, people can feel that because we’ve all felt like that. We’ve all been in that position where we’re taking so much and we’re just sick to death but finally, one day, you wake up and say enough’s enough. I’ve done things the right way – now let me do them my way and see where that gets me. And let me tell you from experience, it gets you pretty far.”

Becky Lynch on having the fans behind her: “The fans were always behind me. Fans were always with me. The reason why I got where I am was because of them. It was them telling the people behind the stage ‘She’s got something. We like her. We have a connection with her.’ When I was on top of that ladder in Chicago at Money in the Bank (in 2018), the crowd went mad and that showed everybody that I have something. People that thought I was destined to be good but not great, a good hand, somebody who can make people look good, somebody that can make people into stars but wasn’t necessarily a star herself. The crowd and the reaction, that changed everybody’s perception backstage which then pushed me to the next level.”

Lynch on it being better for her and Seth Rollins to do their own things on TV: “I think it was cool to see us side-by-side but we both have our own divisions to carry right now. So, I think let me go and do my own thing, let him go and do his own thing. We’ll be fighting and defending for my championship and hopefully his championship after SummerSlam. I think when you see two bad asses fighting together, that’s cool. When you hear about them being in a relationship every few minutes, maybe not so cool. (laughs)”

Lynch on if it was tough for them to have the spotlight together on TV like that: “Yeah, it is what it is. It was cool to work with him and he is the best at what he does and I’m the best at what I do. Side-by-side, I think that’s awesome. I think when we put the focus on the wrong thing, then things can get a little bit skewed.”

Becky Lynch on facing Natalya at Summerslam: “We’ve known each other for 14 years. I had my first tour with Nattie 14 years ago in Japan. Before that, I met her, I think in September in Canada and we’ve got through a lot. We were the closest of friends and then she stabbed me in the back. When I got my face broken, when I was concussed, she held my hand when I was getting stitches and then she goes off and trains Ronda Rousey to try and beat me. When she knows all that I’ve been through to get where I am, it busted my heart a little bit. For her to come out and talk about how much it means to her to get a title shot against her friend, I’m not your friend anymore. I’m your opponent. You’re trying to take away something I’ve worked my entire life for, something I care about more than anything. I’m going to beat the hell out of you in your home country and snap your arm in front of your family if that’s what it comes down to.”

Becky Lynch on not missing Ronda Rousey: “Do I miss her? Absolutely not. If she wants to come back, I’ll still be holding onto the championship and happy to face her. I didn’t run. She ran. I still want that singles match. I still want that singles match so whenever she wants to come back and face me, I’ll be right here waiting, carrying this division that she abandoned.”

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