The Revival’s Scott Dawson Writes ‘See Ya Soon’ to Arn Anderson on Twitter

Aug 2, 2019 - by James Walsh

If former WWE tag team champion, Scott Dawson, is looking for attention, he’s certainly got it. Scott Dawson responded to a fan clip on Twitter this week, and he referenced Arn Anderson, stating that he would see them soon. Dawson wrote in the tweet, “Arn taught us well. See ya soon, Double A.” You can check out that tweet below.

Arn Anderson was let go from WWE earlier this year, and there was talk of him signing with AEW. For clarification, Arn Anderson said in a June interview that he does not currently work for AEW. However, it seemed he potentially left the door open to work for them in the future. At the time, he stated, “I do not work for AEW, we haven’t had that discussion as of yet and not to say I wouldn’t be honored somewhere down the road to be offered a position with those guys, we just haven’t had that conversation because quite frankly, I am legally bound to a non-disclosure agreement and for a few more months I am going to be still on a severance package.”

The Revival’s contract status with WWE has been a major point of rumors for several months. Earlier this year, it was reported that the tag team turned down lucrative five-year deals with the company. They are currently under contract with WWE until April 2020.

Additionally, the Starrcast Twitter account responded to the tweet by Scott Dawson, which you can see below.

Scott Dawson

Arn taught us well. See ya soon, Double A. …

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