Cody has an opponent for AEW’s All Out

Aug 1, 2019 - by James Walsh

The latest Road to AEW All Out episode is online, featuring the contract signing for Cody vs. Shawn Spears and more. You can check out the full video below as well as a recap.

The video begins with MJF discussing his relationship with Cody and his reminiscing of how Cody believed in him early on. He calls himself a “Cody Rhodes guy” and damned proud to be one. He adds that he’s sick of the marks online calling him a brown-noser. “Am I a brown-noser if I go to his house almost every night to eat dinner with him and Brandi and his beautiful dog Pharoah?,” he asks “Absolutely not.” He says it’s ridiculous to call him a brown-noser when they’re actually friends, and that Shawn Spears was never a true friend to Cody. He accuses Spears of trying to riding Cody’s coattails and then turning on him, claiming that he himself would never do something like that. MJF says Spears was trying to Cody’s career and throws a few expletives Spears’ way. He promises he’ll knock Spears out cold if he gets his hands on him again.

The video then cuts to a montage of Cody training as Spears and his advisor Tully Blanchard get into a limo and ride through the streets. Spears and Blanchard show up to sign their contract for AEW All Out. While everybody’s there, Cody has yet to show up and doesn’t answer his phone. The AEW crew talk about how difficult Blanchard is to deal with as a manager of Spears. Blanchard argues that only one person will be allowed to stay at the ring with Cody for the All Out match. Cody finally arrives, walks in, signs the contract and walks out without reading it.

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