Surgeon fights back in lawsuit brought forward by Bret “Hit Man” Hart

Jul 25, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

A plastic surgeon who was sued by Bret “Hit Man” Hart is denying the allegations of negligence, filing a defense statement in the lawsuit brought forward by Hart.

The WWE Hall of Famer sued Dr. Justin Young in November 2017 after he alleged he lost the use of his right index finger and thumb after surgery and has severe and ongoing pain in his wrist and a decrease in range of motion.

Now, according to a story on CBC.CA, the surgeon is fighting back.

“Dr. Yeung denies any negligence on his part and states that the treatment provided to Hart was skillful, competent and careful and within the accepted standard of practice of plastic surgery in Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta,” reads the statement of defense.

“Dr. Yeung states, and the fact is, that Hart was at all times made aware of the nature and risks of the procedure performed by Dr. Yeung.”

Hart says he is unable to use his right hand to pick up and use objects, including pens and utensils, and is unable to properly dress himself without assistance.

The lawsuit by the “Hit Man” said that the surgeon advised him that surgery should repair his wrist by performing a partial fusion of the wrist bones and was told he would have no pain in his wrist and movement would be restored.

Hart underwent the knife in November 2015 and two months later he informed the doctor of the severe pain, saying that his complaints were ignored.

“Dr. Yeung ordered all appropriate investigations to address Hart’s post-operative concerns, including diagnostic imaging, urgent electrodiagnostic assessments, electrophysiologic evaluations and nerve conduction studies,” the legal team of the doctor wrote.

“Contrary to the allegations, Dr. Yeung made appropriate referrals to investigate all of Hart’s concerns, including to physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, a neurosurgeon and a neurologist.”

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