WWE Execs Cash Out Millions In Stock Ahead Of Thursday Earnings Report

Jul 24, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE’s stock price has taken a significant hit from the all-time high of $99.25 per share back on April 23rd. The stock has been trading around $68 per share this week, which means the company’s value (market capitalization) is down several billion dollars in just a matter of months.

With WWE stock way down, it’s “interesting” to note that several WWE executives recently cashed out millions of dollars in WWE stock. According to recent SEC filings, the following trades were made earlier this week (July 22nd):

Vince McMahon sold 12,627 shares at $70.23 (value: $886,794.21).
George Barrios sold 139,175 shares at between $69.46 to $70.62 (value: $9,828,538).
Kevin Dunn sold 68,628 shares at $70.23 (value: $4,820,430.72).
Mark Kowal sold 3,845 shares at $70.23 (value: $270,034.35).
Paul Levesque sold 17,563 shares at $70.23 (value: $1,233,449.49).
Stephanie McMahon sold 17,681 shares at $70.23 (value: $1,241,736.63).
Michelle Wilson sold 65,318 shares at $70.23 (value: $4,612,757.16).


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