Stone Cold Steve Austin the highlight of Raw Reunion show

Jul 23, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Stone Cold Steve Austin highlighted a pretty dull Raw Reunion show on a night where nearly 40 WWE Legends made their return for a special broadcast.

The trio of Austin, Hogan, and Flair were kept for the final segment of the night as Flair made his way out first, followed by Hogan. The two remained on the stage as the rest of the WWE Legends joined them. Hogan spoke, but Flair did not, and after Hogan’s music finished playing, the iconic glass break sound played and out came The Rattlesnake for a huge pop from the crowd.

Austin got the fans to chant “Hell Yeah” three times, one louder than the other, before reminiscing about the good old days. He said he was happy to be here with his family and thanked all the Superstars, cameramen, those driving the trucks, fans in the arena, those watching on TV, and everyone else for being part of his extended family.

Steve noted that he arrived a day early in Tampa and spent a day with Hulk Hogan, saying he never hang with Hogan before but the two recorded a podcast, drank a lot of beer, and ate sushi. He also hung with Flair at the bar, drinking beer all night long and running down a list of items he ordered when he was hungry as fans chanted “What?” in between.

Austin then invited all the Legends in the ring for a big toast. He also said that he didn’t know what to say when he was out there but Jonathan Coachman helped him out by telling him just to be himself. And that’s what Stone Cold did.

Before asking how long they have left on air, Austin told everyone that they’re not going to receive Christmas cards from them and then his music started to close what should have been a memorable Monday Night Raw.

After cameras went off the air and the ring cleared, Austin ran the ropes a little bit and then stomped on a beer can three times before it exploded to another big pop from the crowd.

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