7/23/19 Smackdown Recap

Jul 23, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results July 23
Miami, Florida

SmackDown kicks of with highlights of what happened with Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon last week. SmackDown: Tom Phillips & David Otunga are on commentary. The New Day are on commentary aswell.

Shane McMahon comes out and has Gregg Hamilton do his introduction for Shane McMahon. Shane talks about Raw last night and saw one face he didn’t want to see and that was Kevin Owens, Kevin Owens has challenged me a match at SummerSlam and it would be good and I accept, Shane says Kevin Owens says if he loses he will quit, Shane shows footage from Raw when Seth Rollins beat him and he quit. Shane says when I beat him he will quit and I want it in writing.

Music of Kevin Owens hits and he comes out and says you are not smart but you are, the VT was the lowest point in my life and broken down one and didn’t want to piss anyone off. I knew if I put out that challenge you want me gone and at SummerSlam I will beat you but I won’t quit, at SummerSlam I will beat the hell out of you and why wait we can do it now. Kevin Owens marches to the ring and Shane stops him and says you will be in action tonight against Roman Reigns.

Still to come Miz TV with guest Shawn Michaels, and Kofi Kingston issues challenge to determine oponnent at SummerSlam. Apollo Crews takes on WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura after the break.

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We see Shane McMahon backstage and sees Elias and Drew McIntyre and Elias says it is a great idea,  Shane says we need to make it epic and Drew McIntyre will be guest referee, Elias as timekeeper and Shane McMahon as guest ring announcer.

Non-Title Singles Match
WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Apollo Crews

Nakamura kicks Crews, headlock shoulder takedown by Crews, Legdrop on Nakamura for a two count, Vertical Suplex on Nakamura by Crews for a two count. Nakamura sent to the outside, moonsault of the apron by Crews.

Commercial break

When we return Crews in control, Samoan Drop by Crews for a two count. Shinsuke nails a kick. Kick to head and sliding snap German suplex. Shinsuke goes for knee countered, Crews with Olympic Slam for a two count. Crews climbs to top rope and Nakamura stops it and knee to gut, Standing moonsault but then Nakamura moves and Shinsuke nails his Kinshasha finisher for the win.

Winner via Pinfall WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura

After the match Shinsuke kicks Crews out the ring and stomps on him and nails another Kinshasha knee.

Mandy tells Sonya if we beat The Iiconics next week then we get a title shot in the future.

We see The Miz walking to the ring to host Miz TV with Shawn Michaels as guest.

Commercial break

The Miz comes out and talks about Raw Reunion then introduces Shawn Michaels. Miz asks Shawn his opinion about the guys on the roster. Shawn says it is time for the new talents, we are like family. Miz says we had a blast and we did last night aswell. Shawn says inducted a new member into the Cliq and DX last night. Seth was out there with us and good seeing his progression and now facing Lesnar at SummerSlam for WWE Universal Championship and burning it down. Music of Dolph Ziggler hits. Dolph says who cares about these legends limping out here. Miz says I would like to punch you in the face, Shawn says you have something to get off my chest and Ziggler says I used to idolise you and you had a chance to walk into sunset and what did you do and shuffled back and waved back to the crowd, you were embarrassing like it was last night, last November when you returned you broke my heart and will say something that you were embarrassing. Shawn says I admit it and won’t disagree it was and I was embarassed was worse working your career and being a second rate Shawn Michaels wannabee. Ziggler says there is only one 2nd rate Shawn Michaels out here and it is you, people like you will be kissing ass, Miz says you keep complaining and moaning, you make it happen and make it you, do something about it. Ziggler goes to leave, then Ziggler hits Shawn but ducks and hits The Miz and then Ziggler drop kicks Shawn Michaels.

Commercial break

Womens Division Singles Match
Charlotte Flair Vs Ember Moon

Match gets underway and music of Bayley hits and Bayley comes out and rolls up Charlotte for the quick win.

Winner via Pinfall Ember Moon

After the match Ember Moon sends Bayley in the ring who is kicked in the head and then Ember nails a Total Eclipse on them both.

We see Roman Reigns backstage.

Commentators are now SmackDown: Tom Phillips & David Otunga and Michael Cole – because of the passing away of his father Byron Saxton isn’t there..

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston comes out and says he wants to call out his challenger before he attacks me and that is Randy Orton. Randy Orton comes out. Kofi says we have history from the past and in November 2009 I was whooping your ass all over Madison Square Garden, Kofi says that moment gives me goosebumps, that was meant to be the moment and that didn’t happen, You use your influence to hold me down, back and not reach a main event it almost worked until I did and pushed myself and believed in positivty and became WWE World Champion. Randy Orton says you thought I held you back, damn right I did and did you a favor because you were not ready and you are not ready even now, title win is a fluke, all I had to do to achieve was be Randy Orton, didn’t need to fake accent, throw pancakes, I win matches titles and main event WrestleMania, only because of me you had a title match at WrestleMania against Daniel Bryan because I attacked Ali that allowed you a chance. I can take that title whenever I want, Kofi says why don’t we do it at SummerSlam for WWE Championship. Randy Orton says you want it you got it, this fairytale ends due to 3 letters RKO.

Randy Orton leaves and out comes Samoa Joe. Samoa Joe comes to the ring for his match against Kofi Kingston. Randy Orton hangs around.

Commercial break

Non-Title Singles Match
Samoa Joe Vs WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

Match underway and Orton is at ringside. Joe in control, Kingston regains control but Joe gets to the ropes, Tie up and Kingston with a waist lock, armbar on Kingston by Joe, kick to Joe, Hammerlock by Kingston on Joe, Joe pulls hair of Kingston, chop to Kingston, punches to Kingston in corner blocked, headbutt to Kingston, leap frog and dropkick to Joe. dropkick sends Joe outside, splash over the top onto the floor. Kingston with punches in the corner but Joe hangs Kingston in the corner. Joe in control

Commercial break

When we return Kingston in control and nails a boom drop, then Randy Orton in and tries to nail a RKO but couldn’t. Match ends.

Winner via Disqualification: Samoa Joe.

After the match Randy Orton drops Samoa Joe with a RKO and then Trouble in Paradise drops Randy Orton.

Commercial break

Finn Balor comes out and Kayla Braxton is in the ring and asks about his loss to Shinsuke Nakamura and Bray Wyatt attacking Finn Balor on Raw 8 days ago. Finn says I don’t know how his mind works, does he want to settle a score, the attack on Mick Foley last night, I can’t explain any of it and Bray is more twisted more than ever, didn’t back down then and won’t back down anymore and am here to challenge you to a match at SummerSlam. Firefly Segment on Screen and Bray Wyatt and Bray says you are brave and inspire me and as for the theme and ready for some big news and I accept your challenge for a match at SummerSlam and the fiend is a power and an abomination who needs to be let in.

Sarah Schrieber interviews Charlotte Flair and says she demands to be part of SummerSlam and what happened with Ember Moon earlier was a joke.

Main Event
Singles Match – Guest Ring Announcer: Shane McMahon / Guest Timekeeper: Elias / Guest Referee: Drew McIntyre

Shane McMahon does the introductions, mocking Roman Reigns for losing at Super Showdown. Shane mocks Kevin Owens as a quitter and who will lose at SummerSlam, Owens grabs microphone and says I will whoop you all, Roman says I am beating everyone.

Tie up between both broken in corner by McIntyre, McIntyre physically inserts himself and then Reigns attacks him and tosses him out and then Elias involved, then Reigns and Owens attack Elias and McIntyre till Shane gets the numbers. Shane/Drew/Elias in control and punches to Reigns by Shane.  Shane goes to spear Reigns but Owens pulls him out and then super kick to Reigns, Elias, then Spears to McIntyre and Elias, then Shane tries to escape but is pulled back in the ring by Roman Reigns who drops Shane McMahon with a SuperMan Punch then Stunner to Shane McMahon. Second stunner to Shane McMahon and Owens celebrates in the corner and says at SummerSlam I will give Shane McMahon gets the ass whooping of a lifetime.

No Contest

SmackDown Ends.

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