Jarrett Loses Appeal Of Copyright Infringement Claim Against Anthem

Jul 23, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Jeff Jarrett Loses Appeal Of Copyright Infringement Claim Against Anthem

Jeff Jarrett’s attempt to appeal a dismissal of the copyright infringement claim in his lawsuit against Anthem Media has been shot down. PWInsider reports that a judge denied the appeal on Monday.

Jarrett was attempting to appeal on behalf of their claim, which was dismissed because he and his Global Wrestling Entertainment company did not complete the copyright process for the master tapes of GFW Amped. Jarrett’s argument was that the tapes could not be copyrighted because those masters were deleted and thus he did not have access to them in order to properly file the claim. Anthem and Impact acknowledged that the tapes had been deleted over in the “normal course of business” so that they could “free up storage space.” They have also claimed in a newly-filed countersuit that Jarrett knew the tapes were deleted.

The court disagreed with Jarrett’s claim that since Anthem was at fault for the copyright not being completed by deleting the masters, he should be allowed to move forward with his infringement claim. The original dismissal stands with an additional line that reads, “In light of Fourth Estate, Plaintiffs have no right to sue under the Copyright Act, and their copyright claim will be dismissed.”.

The rest of the lawsuit filed by Jarrett is being allowed to continue.

(Pro Wrestling & MMA World)

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