WWE Reportedly Expected to Do More Live Specials Like SmackVille

Jul 22, 2019 - by James Walsh

WWE’s live special that is set to take place this coming weekend won’t be the last of them, according to a new report. Fightful reports that people backstage in WWE have revealed the reason that the short-notice special was announced came from a few reasons, and that more of them are expected in the immediate future.

Part of the reason for the specials is that they give the ability to counter-program on very short notice. This is what happened with EVOLVE 10th Anniversary show, and will be happening with NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff which take place on the same day (albeit earlier) as AEW All Out. But that is not said to be a huge concern at the moment, as there are rarely issues with this. The report also cited injuries and event cancellations that may cause WWE to need to run a show in order to adjust for those.

SmackVille is not the first time the network has aired or streamed a house show, with the Shield’s Last Stand being one example from earlier this year. Last year saw Starrcade do the same.

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