Variety opinion article says Vince McMahon is “out of excuses for WWE woes”

Jul 22, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo has an opinion article titled “Vince McMahon out of excuses for WWE woes,” as the company is just days away from reporting the Q2 2019 financial results.

Last quarter, in a conference call with investors, Vince McMahon blamed the bad business due to several of the top WWE Superstars being out, either injured or due to other circumstances. It was an odd excuse in the first place, with many bashing the company’s top brass for even going that way to cover up for their bad quarter.

Variety, in an analysis exercise, wrote that nearly all of the injured Superstars that Vince McMahon mentioned who had been out in the first quarter, are all back and Raw and Smackdown ratings still sunk lower than ever before. Raw viewership has gone down 20% compared to last year while Smackdown went down 17%.

Variety is one of the most respected publications when it comes to entertainment news such as television and movies and with investors bracing for another bad quarter, it will be interesting to see how Wall Street reacts to the report on Thursday. WWE stocks is down nearly 1% today, trading in the $69 range.

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