AS I SEE IT 7/22: Health update and WWE getting some of its own medicine

Jul 22, 2019 - by Bob Magee

Bob Magee
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Got home from surgery on Thursday same day. My right arm is in a sling until Wednesday, to keep the skin graft to my shoulder (where a lesion was previously removed) in place. Everything went well as far as I can tell. Until Wednesday, I have to be careful…not to move the right arm any more than I have to, which will require my brother waiting on me a lot. My left arm, where the other lesion was removed smarts, but am not remotely in any major pain.

I was told by my surgeon that I have some ridiculous pain threshold after my hernia got fixed in May. I kind of doubt it. People who suffer from forms of cancer far, far worse than I’ve had removed suffer real pain. Those who lose loved ones, especially children, suffer real pain. I have discomfort and inconvenience (and yes, I’m dealing with some…typing being one of many things to do one and a half handed, and slings being uncomfortable, the reason for this being a short blog this week).

Thanks for all your many thoughts and prayers. Let’s hope this is the real homestretch for my various health issues.

To wrestling….There are still people on social media who insist I’m picking on WWE by suggesting that they are in the process of engaging in predatory behavior against All Elite Wrestling by running head to head events against them, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and AAA.

According to Sean Ross Sapp of, there are those in the know who have been told to expect NXT to be on FS1, to air head to head against the All Elite Wrestling TV show expected to start in October. Dave Meltzer is also confirming the news. The least I’m reading is that there are “negotiations”. Whatever you think of WWE, they’re clearly doing anything they can to get in the way of any competition, be it All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, or even AAA and their one MSG show.

BTW, this kind of action is not at all being rewarded. Early ticket sales for WWE’s MSG RAW and Smackdown return are far from what WWE hoped for. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio ticket sales were described as “not good,” Dave Meltzer said that WWE had expected RAW “to be an instant sell-out”, and sales are seen as “exceeding disappointing”. WWE had the hope that these shows would have been fast sell-outs like NJPW/ROH did with their G1 Supercard this past April.

Overpricing and scalpers having a lack of interest are seen as the cause. Ticket prices are reported to be getting cut, but the lack of demand speaks volumes about interest in WWE’s product (and perhaps a little karma).

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