Impact files a counter-suit against Jeff Jarrett

Jul 19, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

IMPACT Wrestling parent company Anthem has filed a counter-suit against Jeff Jarrett and Global Wrestling Entertainment.

Anthem is arguing that they are the rightful owner of the Jeff Jarrett copyright, that Jarrett and GWE granted Anthem a license to use the name and assets and that they have “acted at all times in compliance with its obligations to maintain that trademark registration.” Anthem also argues that they made no money off the GFW Amped content, that Jarrett knew the master tapes had been deleted, and that the look and trademarks of GFW and Global Wrestling Network (now IMPACT+) are not similar.

Anthem claims they made a $40,000 payment to KSTV, LLC to free the GFW Amped footage. Jarrett had turned the footage over to Kevin Sullivan and KSTV, LLC to handle post-production work on the footage.

Anthem is requesting, “All damages arising from Jarrett’s breach of his duty of loyalty to Anthem Wrestling, in an amount to be determined at trial; The sum of $40,000 plus post-judgment interest as the sum Plaintiffs have unjustly retained by accepting the benefits of Anthem Wrestling’s $40,000 payment to KSTV and any other relief to which Anthem Wrestling is entitled after a full trial on the merits.”

Jarrett and GWE hit IMPACT and Anthem with a lawsuit in August 2018, suing over copyright infringement pertaining to their use of Jarrett’s name and likeness along with their use of GFW Amped content.

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