Bischoff Is Studying Up on Smackdown, Confirms Next Week’s Episode Is His First

Jul 18, 2019 - by James Walsh

Eric Bischoff has confirmed that next week will be the first Smackdown under his control. Bischoff revealed during the latest After 83 Weeks that he is set to start his job as Smackdown Executive Director, and that he will be taking charge starting next week.

“Well, I’m actually watching SmackDown as we speak,” Bischoff said whan asked what he’d been up to since settling in. “I’m boning up, I’m doing my research and getting familiar … I’m going into the office tomorrow, I’m kind of getting oriented, and starting the process and kicking it off Monday and Tuesday next week.”

As reported earlier today, Bischoff is officially starting his job tomorrow. He is also set to appear on the Raw Reunion show next Monday.

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