Wade Barrett tells a funny Brock Lesnar story

Jul 17, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Wade Barrett tells a funny Brock Lesnar story in his interview with Inside the Ropes:

On a memorable incident with Lesnar at the gym: “There was one incident, and in my entire time on the road I saw Brock in a gym once. And we all, we were all working out. There’s like, we’re at Gold’s Gym somewhere in Texas, and there was a bunch of us there prior to the show … I think I’m there, Heath is there, Justin Gabriel’s there, Fandango, Bray Wyatt. There’s like seven or eight of just the regular superstars there. And just as we were about finishing up, Brock walks in the gym. And I’ve never seen him walk in a gym before, and everybody working out in this gym just stops what they’re doing. Not — I’m not talking about the wrestlers here, I’m talking about all these other people who are in this packed-out Gold’s Gym. They just stop what they’re doing and they stare at this animal who has just walked in. ‘What is that?’ And now, obviously in gyms you get a lot of big bodybuilders and steroid guys, and tough-looking guys and stuff like that. Nobody has ever seen anything like Brock. And people either knew him because he was in WWE, or they knew him because he was this UFC heavyweight champion, or they were just looking at him like they’d never seen a human being that looked like that before. But everyone was staring at him.”

On the story taking a turn for the humorous: “Well, we didn’t think too much of it, and we were all kind of, ‘Hey Brock, how you doing?’ And we kind of leave, we head off to the shower. He goes off and starts working out, presumably. So we’re finishing up in the changing room, we’re all putting on our suits and stuff, finishing doing up our shirts. And all of a sudden Brock walks into the changing room. And he looks at us, he goes, ‘This kid keeps following me around. Every time I get on the machine he comes next to me. Every time I go on a bench, he comes to sit next to me. He’s really pissing me off.’ ‘Okay, cool. See you at the building, Brock, whatever.’

“So Brock walks past us and goes into the bathroom, the toilet area of the changing room, goes around the corner. So we’re finishing up and then suddenly, this nervous 16 year-old-looking nerdy kid pops his head round the locker room. Sometimes we get that and people are excited because they’ve seen us on TV and they want to meet us. This kid did not care about us at all. It was like we were invisible. And he’s sneaking around, he’s looking past us. And then suddenly he spots the toilet area … and this kid kind of stumbles past, walks around the corner, and disappears. And a small part of me wanted to tell this kid, ‘No, this isn’t the day.’ But another part of my brain thought, ‘You know, the boy has to learn.’ So I didn’t say anything. I just looked at Bray Wyatt, and he kind of shrugged his shoulders. We all knew something bad was about to happen. And we were just waiting, we were frozen in time. And suddenly, all we hear is, [shouting] “Are you trying to see my f**king penis?!?!’ Followed by this terrified 16 year-old running out of there through the door never to be seen of again.

“Now I kind of guess what happened here was this kid, nobody intentionally tries to see Brock’s penis. But this kid was 16 years old. For him, Superman had walked in there. He just wanted to absorb the aura of Brock Lesnar and experience what it was like to be in the same room as him. He was just overcome, overwhelmed by this monster of a man, being around him, and just wanted to be as close as he could to him in some way.”

On the roster’s reaction to it: “The thing that always makes me laugh about the situation is that Brock, in his anger, ‘Are you trying to see my f**king– penis.’ It’s like he got really polite at the very end and realized, this is just some poor 16 year-old kid. He didn’t say, ‘Are you trying to see my d**k?!?’ or whatever would come out naturally. Just the fact that he said ‘penis’ made that story for me. And that subsequently became a quote in the locker room of WWE. So if you’re using the bathroom and Bo Dallas walks around, ‘Are you trying to see my penis?!?’ Or whatever it was. And that became, for a long while, a quote in WWE. So yeah, that’s Brock. So don’t — if he’s in a bathroom, leave him be. If you ever catch him in a gym or an airport or whatever, don’t follow him into the bathroom.”

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