Notes on a WWE guest coach, Gallows and Anderson, and Douglas vs. Richards

Jul 15, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

– Stevie Richards vs. Shane Douglas is on….

– A new report has details on how the talent backstage is reacting to The Club’s re-signing with WWE. Fightful reports that they’ve spoken several names in the company, who weren’t optimistic about Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows’ futures in WWE but didn’t blame the two for taking a big money deal. The site reports that the deal for the team is big money even when compared to some recent signings.

One wrestler backstage said that Gallows and Anderson were “more confident in this company than I am. I wouldn’t hold my breath as far as tag teams getting an opportunity.” The two are well-liked backstage, with one person putting over the amount of time they spend working out despite not being booked.

The duo reportedly re-signed at the beginning of the month, just before they reunited with AJ Styles and turned him heel.

– A former Spirit Squad member is helping the youngsters this week…

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