Moxley Says WWE Creative Never Asked For His Input on His Character

Jul 11, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

In a new interview with the Store Horsemen, Jon Moxley continued to discuss his issues with how creative is handled in WWE

“The thing that I hated the most was, all these people are giving opinions and writing words and throwing input, and nobody is asking me my opinion. I’m like the lowest guy on the totem pole in my own situation. When really, it should only matter to me,” Moxley Said

“As long as I’m not swearing or doing anything like that, just let me do it my own way. The thing people are going to say in AEW is that ‘they have four [Executive Vice Presidents], the boys are policing themselves, we need guys in suits.’

But there are far less cooks in the kitchen in AEW. There’s producers and Tony Khan, who is very involved, but ultimately nobody is telling anybody what to do. Because there’s no one hammer coming down.”

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