The Miz Explains why WWE Is Still His Top Professional Priority

Jul 10, 2019 - by James Walsh

During a new interview with WKYC Channel 3, The Miz discussed why WWE is still his top priority despite his success in reality TV, on film and more, as well as his recent babyface turn. Miz explained that the audience interactivity can’t be beat and discussed how Miz & Mrs. was instrumental in his babyface turn. Highlights are below:

On why he’d stay with WWE if he could only pick one of his avenues between WWE, movies, TV, etc.: “You always want to be in that WWE ring, because there’s an initial reaction. You get to play with an audience. An audience, it’s so interactive. They cheer who they love, they boo who they hate.”

On being such a hated heel and then finally turning babyface: “Honestly, for 12 years they booed me out of the building even when I came to my hometown. Nobody gets booed in their hometown! And for 12 years, I got booed in my hometown until this year. Until I think the Miz & Mrs. started going, and people actually got to know who I am. And once they started seeing kind of who I am with my family, with Monroe and Maryse, people started kind of changing my character in WWE to this good guy, and this hero. And yeah, I’ve been having a blast with it ever since. I mean, I came to the Q, I think it’s called the Rocket now? Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse now and yeah, it was a blast. We had a show out there, and it was amazing. When I came out, I kind of ripped open my shirt, and another shirt was underneath it [that] said ‘Cleveland is Awesome’ and the crowd erupted, it was amazing.”

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