Al Snow on Sabu: “Doesn’t get enough credit for the trailblazer that he was”

Jul 10, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE Star Al Snow talks, OVW trade school, being a producer, WWE 24/7 title and more

Former WWE Star was recently on Cut The Promo Podcast with with host Jordan Garber and co host Granny Hulkster. The show can be listened to each week at 10 PM CT on . Here are some of the highlights…

On OVW becoming a vocational trade school

We have a provisional approval all we need is a state inspection by the state office of notary education and we get accredited as an actual trade school for professional wrestling and sports entertainment broadcasting. We have developed a 2 year professional program for professional wrestling and sports “entertainment broadcasting” and we’ll start opening enrolments in August.

On the WWE 24/7 Title and Drake Maverick

They had the Hardcore title and created that stipulation towards it back than which was very entertaining. It had its run and it came to an end. It’s trying in some degree to resurrect that without the hardcore part of it and quite honestly right now Spud was really
The one who’s making that title mean something with all the things that he’s doing on his own and for him to take it upon his self and go out there and use social media and sell themselves for that 24/7 title. He’s made it quite entertaining.

On being a producer

I enjoyed being a producer very much. I like it because it’s in someways similar to wrestling a match and an idea of how to tell a story and when you watch the talent go out there and follow the direction and see it play out, it’s very gratifying. It can be really rewarding I enjoyed it.

On Sabu

Great guy great friend. I saw Sabu take money out of his own pocket over the years and pay other fellow wrestlers where the promoter stiffed the crew and took off and he’d take care of other wrestlers because he made more money. He’s a good guy. Doesn’t get enough credit for the trailblazer that he was.

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