7/9/19 WWE 205 Live Recap

Jul 9, 2019 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Aiden English, Nigel McGuinness, and Vic Joseph are on commentary.

Match #1 – Singles Match: The Brian Kendrick vs. Sunil Singh (w/Samir Singh)
Kendrick drops Singh with a right hand and then delivers a back body drop. Kendrick delivers a dropkick that sends Singh to the outside. Samir provides a distraction and Sunil sends Kendrick into the steps. Singh tosses Kendrick back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Kendrick kicks out at two. Singh delivers right hands and then a few elbows. Samir gets another cheap shot in and Sunil goes for another cover, but Kendrick kicks out again. Singh applies a rear naked choke, and then delivers a back-breaker. Singh goes for an elbow from the ropes, but Kendrick dodges it. Kendrick slams Singh into the corner and then drops him with a few clotheslines and a boot to the face. Kendrick locks in Captain’s Hook and Singh taps out.
Winner: The Brian Kendrick
-After the match, The Singh Brothers double team Kendrick and beat him down, but Akira Tozawa rushes the ring and makes the save.

A vignette for Humberto Carrillo airs. He talks about his childhood as a wrestling fan and moving to the United States from Mexico to live out his dream.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Jack Gallagher vs. Devin Justin
Gallagher applies a wrist-lock and manipulates the joints of Justin. Gallagher applies a headlock and drops Justin with a shoulder tackle. Gallagher drapes Justin over the top rope and then drops him to the mat and applies an arm-bar. Gallagher delivers an uppercut and then kicks Justin in the face. Gallagher wraps Justin in the ropes and then delivers a hesitation dropkick. Gallagher delivers a delayed vertical suplex, but Mike Kanellis appears at ringside. Kanellis trashes the ringside area while screaming, “I’m going to ruin your show, Drake.” Referees and agents come to ringside and Kanellis leaves. Gallagher delivers a headbutt to Justin and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Jack Gallagher

Kanellis is backstage and Drake Maverick walks up. Maverick says he knows Kanellis is frustrated with him and apologizes. He says he has neglected the show with his chase of the 24/7 Championship. Maverick says Kanellis can’t take out his frustrations on other people. Kanellis says Maverick doesn’t understand anything and caused all of his problems. Kanellis says Maverick ruined his life, so he ruined Maverick’s show. Maverick says he is going to fine Kanellis for his actions. Kanellis says he cannot wait to see how much Maverick fines him after he see what he does in his match next week.

Match #3 – Anything Goes Match: Oney Lorcan vs. Ariya Daivari
Lorcan drops Daivari with a clothesline and tosses him to the floor. Lorcan tosses a few chairs into the ring and tosses Daivari back in. Lorcan delivers a few hip attacks in the corner, but Daivari sends him to the floor. Daivari slams Lorcan into the announce table and grabs a trash can. Lorcan kicks him in the midsection and suplexes him on the floor. Daivari comes back and slams Lorcan into the barricade. Daivari puts a ladder in the ring and then grinds Lorcan’s face with a chain. Daivari tries to slam Lorcan into the ladder, but Lorcan counters and slams Daivari into it. Lorcan hip tosse Daivari onto the ladder and goes for the cover, but Daivari kicks out at two. Lorcan goes for a suplex on one of the chairs, but Daivari counters with a DDT. Daivari goes for the cover, but Lorcan kicks out at two.
Daivari wraps the chain around Lorcan’s face and slams him into the corner a few times. Daivari goes for the cover, but Lorcan kicks out again. Daivari slams Lorcan into the chair and then applies a Camel Clutch through the chair. Daivari delivers right hands and runs the ropes, but Lorcan drop toe holds him into the chair. Lorcan delivers a few uppercuts and then drops Daivari with a Blockbuster. Lorcan delivers another uppercut that sends Daivari to the floor. Lorcan takes Daivari out with a suicide dive. Lorcan tosses Daivari back into the ring and then grabs a table and tosses it in the ring. Daivari connects with a superkick and comes off the apron, but Lorcan hits him with a trash can. Lorcan slams Daivari into the steps and hits him with a trash can lid and a chair. Lorcan grabs a lot of chairs and hits Daivari with some of them.
Lorcan sets the chairs up on the floor, but Daivari comes back with a few shots with the trash can lid. Daivari takes Lorcan to the steps and back body drops him through all the chairs that were set up. Daivari tosses Lorcan back into the ring and sets the ladder up. Daivari connects with the Persian splash from the ladder and goes for the cover, but Lorcan kicks out at two. Daivari sets the table up and grabs another one and sets it up as well. Daivari puts Lorcan on the tables and climbs, but Lorcan knocks him down. Lorcan delivers a superplex through the tables and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Oney Lorcan

A video recap of the friendship-turned-feud between Drew Gulak and Tony Nese is shown.

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