Rosemary On Why She’s Stayed With Impact Wrestling

Jul 7, 2019 - by James Walsh

Rosemary spoke with TV Insider for a new interview promoting her match tonight at Slammiversary. Highlights from the interview are below:

On the revitalized Knockouts division: “It’s an entirely new landscape and fresh batch of new opportunities. There are several women I haven’t done battle with yet, so it’s very exciting.”

On working with the backstage producers: “Pretapes, backstage promos, there are general ideas about where the conversation needs to go. Jimmy Jacobs is the one who directs most of our backstage stuff. He knows I would know how to say things. I know how I would present things, and I know how Rosemary would look at things. He allows a lot of freedom.”

On Allie’s “death” segment: “The way Jimmy had the scene playing out in his head is basically how it was presented on our TV. The way he explained it to us. One of Allie’s bucket list items was to die in a horror film. So when we read the script of how she was being written off, I looked at her saying, ‘You know you got your wish.’ It was really fun to shoot. It was really different. When Jimmy told me I was going to chop off all those bridesmaids’ heads, probably the happiest moment I had in wrestling.”

On Jim Mitchell’s involvement in her feud with Su Yung: “He is so articulate and smart. I feel like that kind of presentation elevates my own. I got the same feeling doing promos with Matt Hardy. I felt that elevated me where you’re either going to get eaten up by this really good promo man or you’re going to bring yourself up and reach their level, and it’s going to make you better.”

On staying with Impact: “It’s my belief that there is something to be said for being creatively fulfilled in a company. That’s what I get at Impact. I never felt forced to speak or act a certain way. They never stopped me from doing that or questioned it. That to me is the most important thing to me as a driven, creative person. Always have been. Since I was a kid I’d write stories and draw pictures. I still draw and paint, write. I’ve always been a bit of a minimalist. As long as my bills are paid, I’m happy. I don’t need a lot. The creativity side is far more valuable to me than an overflowing bank account I’m never going to spend. The old cliche ‘money doesn’t bring you happiness,’ look at all those who made their fortunes and didn’t invest it well and are back where they started. Are they happy? I can’t say. I know I am. I’ve seen so many people come and go. Part the starving artist to me is the romantic feeling of being part of the group that is dragging this company that refuses to die back up.”

On her longevity in Impact: “Quite often in the past, people who use this place as a stepping stone to get a little notoriety and then get more money elsewhere. That’s what you want to do, then that’s awesome. To me, I like the longevity of building up the character and the creativity here. I think there is a lot of things to do for Rosemary at Impact. I think besides Gail Kim, me and Eddie Edwards have been here the longest continuously. And we both had drastic character arcs the last couple of years. I find that interesting and want to see where my story goes.”

On being in a Monster’s Ball match at Slammiversary: “Abyss was still there. We were talking to him how to construct and lay out different spots and set them up and how to make it flow into a good story beyond high spot and no real build. In any good no DQ street fight, it can just be a car crash of weapon spots or a symphony of destruction where each crash, spot and weapon builds to something more. I’ll probably be giving him a call for a brush-up. I’ve been watching some old matches and remembering how that barbwire felt and preparing for that. The creativity and not just me. Su is up for anything. Jessicka and I have worked several times. Taya, people forget the crazy, violent matches she did in Mexico. There are images of her face covered in blood. So all four of us are going to have ideas to bring into this match. It’s going to be really fun.”

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