More on Booker T Pulling Out of Starcast

Jul 7, 2019 - by James Walsh

As previously reported, Starrcast organizer and promoter Conrad Thompson denied a story from The Wrestling Observer by Dave Meltzer that Booker T withdrew from his previously scheduled Starrcast III appearance due to the conflict between AEW and WWE. During today’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer addressed the response by Thompson.

Meltzer had incorrectly stated in the report that Booker T had pulled out of All Out. Starrcast III is not technically part of AEW or All Out, but it is being held on the same weekend and in the same area, similar to Starrcast II and AEW Double or Nothing.

During today’s radio show, while Meltzer admitted his mistake about meaning Booker T had withdrawn from Starrcast and not All Out, he stood by his report that Booker T isn’t doing the show because WWE told him not to or because Booker T could “read the tea leaves” and see it was in his best interest not to go since he still does work for WWE as an announcer. Also, Meltzer stated that Shawn Michaels at some point was “probably told” by WWE not to go to a Starrcast show. Meltzer added, “The war is very real, and obviously, everybody knows that.”

Meltzer went on to say that these instances between AEW and WWE, such as the WWE Network airing EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary show opposite AEW Fight for the Fallen, are going to “happen constantly because that’s how Vince [McMahon] is. You get in a war with Vince, and you got to be willing to fight back too.”

Conrad wrote in response to the initial rumor on Twitter: “Meltzer’s report below is inaccurate. I don’t work for AEW and have no power to ‘book’ anyone. STARRCAST is independent and we enjoyed Booker’s appearance in Las Vegas. I will miss him this time in Chicago but look forward to working with him again sometime in the future.”

Also, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T himself chimed in with the following message yesterday (July 5), “I will be setting the record straight within the next 24 hours regarding the story going around about me ‘pulling out’ of @StarrcastEvents.”

Going by Booker T’s own statement, he should be releasing more information on what happened with his Starrcast III attendance later today.

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