Maria Kanellis Continues Online Rant Against Media and Fans

Jul 7, 2019 - by James Walsh

In a series of posts on Twitter, Maria Kanellis commented on fans who have been criticizing her for signing a five-year contract with WWE only to announce her second pregnancy after. Meanwhile another fan mentioned that some of the complaints were because she signed a new contract but still voices her frustration with WWE, and she had a response for that too. Here’s the full exchange:

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Fans circa 2009: I can’t believe they treat ditzy Maria so bad. Why are the matches so short? Why can’t a Diva be older than 35? Where are women’s rights? Fans circa 2019: I can’t believe Maria got pregnant again! How dare she have a family? She can’t work and have a family!

1:24 PM – Jul 5, 2019
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No, we are using them like every other job. I work, I go on maternity leave, I come back if and when I get medically cleared. But, I also will be dealing with people like you publicly, who are stuck in the 1920’s that don’t believe in women’s rights. …

2:17 PM – Jul 5, 2019
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At the end of the day, WWE was where I started and it’s where I wanted to complete my career. And when they came to the table with the opportunity to have a family and a career it sealed the deal. People think they know everything but it’s all in the details. …

David Phelps
Replying to @MariaLKanellis
@MariaLKanellis I was personally shocked to see you and Mike re-sign. I would have like to seen yall went back to ROH myself

8:34 AM – Jul 6, 2019
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Show that, I’m Pregnant not Powerless. I’d like to show my daughter that having a family isn’t a downgrade for a career. That being dedicated matters. That 15 years experience matters. That you can choose your own adventure. …

Replying to @MariaLKanellis @GalGadot
Ok. So, what are you going to do up until you take time off?

What would you like to do?

👍🏽💝 Go for it.

9:38 AM – Jul 6, 2019
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I’ll still “complain” I have freedom of speech. I also have the ability to change things by using my voice. I.e. first woman to sign a contract with ROH, first woman to work long term with New Japan, etc… you may not like it. But I don’t do it for you. …

No, people think that because you spent months complaining about wwe …

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