Jerry Lawler and Former Podcast Co-Host In Trouble

Jul 5, 2019 - by James Walsh

WMC in Memphis reports that the former podcast partner of Jerry Lawler, Glenn Moore, has been accused of scamming fans out of thousands of dollars.

One fan, named Jason Lurie, paid $250 for Lawler turning a picture of Lurie’s niece putting another child in a headlock into a drawing. He was sent photos of Lawler working on it and then posing with the finished piece before he got it. He then paid more $1,500 through PayPal for a Lawler oil painting of his cat Bentley, but he got no painting, no refund and no updates. Moore had been announcing that fans could buy original art from Lawler.

Lurie said: “Jerry is a phenomenal artist. So I asked, ‘how much’ and Glenn said, ‘$250.’ I said, ‘done!’ That’s when it all started going downhill. And I knew something wasn’t right. You know. It’s Jerry. I mean, he’s my hero. And I just feel like I’ve been so duped. I’ve got a space in my house for an oil painting of my cat. Come on Jerry, help me out here.”

Lurie contacted Lawler on social media and then sent a certified letter to his house when he didn’t hear back. After that, he had an attorney sent another letter to him, which read: “Please be advised that, because Mr. Moore acts as your agent with respect to the sale of your original artwork, you may be liable under Tennessee law for the failure to return Mr. Lurie’s payment.”

Lawler said that Moore started acting differently after he lost his PR job back in December. Moore claims he will make amends but currently has no money.

Lawler said: “I’m totally shocked by this behavior. I mean, we did like 90 podcasts together over a period of years. This is a guy I thought was a friend and I trusted him. I’m certainly sorry this has happened. We’re gonna work to try to make this thing right. one way or another. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get people’s money back. If not, we’ll get them the artwork they tried to buy.”

Lurie said he used Paypay friends and family at the request of Moore, so he can’t get a refund. Other fans told Lawler on Twitter that they also never received things they ordered from Moore. Jerry Lawler said his attorney told him to file a police report.

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