Reigns Praises The Rivalry of Steve Austin and The Rock

Jul 4, 2019 - by James Walsh

Sports Illustrated and Justin Barrasso recently interviewed WWE Superstar Roman Reigns, who shared his thoughts on the legendary WWE rivalry between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Below are some highlights.

Roman Reigns on Steve Austin and The Rock: “Those are two icons, Austin and The Rock. They were just so good. When they were facing off against each other, Steve was at a different point in his career—he was an established babyface superstar and it seemed like everyone was rebelling with him, and then you also had a charismatic young talent like Dwayne come in as the bad guy. Everyone thrives from competition, and their art still thrives today. Their rivalry evolved over the years to unknown territory, and it still means something today, even when we hear a line about a can of whup ass.”

Roman Reigns on Jon Moxley: “I don’t think our working relationship is going to be what it used to be, but I’ll always love that guy, he’ll always be my close friend, and I wish the best for him. I wish the best for him, his family, his wife, and we’ll always be friends for the rest of our lives.”

Reigns on always rooting for Moxley: “We have a brotherhood, so I’m always cheering for him. I’ve shared so many great moments with Ambrose, or Mox. We have love for each other well beyond the wrestling, and it will always be that way.”

Reigns on how he always supported The Rock: “From a family lineage, I was always supporting The Rock. Steve was such a compelling character, but family is family, so we were always cheering for Dwayne.”

Reigns on working with The Rock in Hobbs and Shaw: “The partnership connects to the big Hobbs & Shaw film. I knew teaming up with Dwayne and Fast & Furious was going to be incredible, and so many great opportunities continue to unfold, like this new ad with Brisk.”

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