Dustin: “I’ve been wanting to open up a wrestling school for quite some time”

Jul 4, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Dustin Rhodes Planning On Talking To Tony Khan About Opening An AEW Wrestling School

Dustin Rhodes has 31 years of experience in wrestling and with the young roster that AEW has, he wants to pass on some of his tips and tricks to the next generation of pro wrestlers. While speaking with Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald, Rhodes stated that his way of passing on that knowledge would come by way of an All Elite Wrestling school that he plans on talking to AEW President Tony Khan about opening.

“I think, and I was planning on talking to Tony [Khan] about this: I’ve been wanting to open up a wrestling school for quite some time, and I think Texas would be a good place for it and a good place for an AEW/Dustin Rhodes wrestling school to get these kids ready and I would be all for that. Yes, I definitely think they need a place, just like the other company [WWE] has the other place [Performance Center], and I think it’s important when you’re bringing in talent that is hungry and young, and need a place to train and learn and learn how to do things properly, learn how to speak properly, learn how to cut your promos and whatever else is offered. Yes, definitely. That is something that I think is 110% needed.” He said.

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