Bayley Battles Charlotte, Kofi Kingston Takes on Dolph Ziggler in Smackdown Dark Matches

Jul 3, 2019 - by James Walsh

WWE held two dark matches after tonight’s Smackdown and 205 Live tapings, with Bayley and Kofi Kingston defending their titles against Charlotte Flair and Dolph Ziggler. The results were, per Wrestling With Demons’ Shannon Walsh:

Lots of people left before the women’s dark match and even more did after it.

* WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley pinned Charlotte after the belly to belly suplex.

They brawled into the isle and an umbrella was used as weapon. Bayley had it opened up in one hand as she brought Charlotte back to ringside then she dropped it when they got back in the ring. Bayley hits a crossbody and a couple of running elbows. Charlotte whipped Bayley face first hard into the bottom turnbuckle. She went into a rest hold for a bit then Bayley worked her way out of it with an elbow shot. Charlotte unloaded with several chops. She whipped Bayley hard into the turnbuckles and Bayley bounced off and was met with an even bigger chop. She crashed to the mat and Charlotte did the Flair strut to gloat. Charlotte toyed with Bayley and whips her to the turnbuckles again but Bayley springs off and clotheslines her down. Bayley gives Charlotte a series of chops of her own. Bayley whips Charlotte into the turnbuckles and Charlotte does the Flair Flop over the post and lands on the apron. Bayley goes after her but Charlotte snaps her throat first on the top rope. They trade blows in the ring. Bayley connects with a couple of clotheslines. Bayley rushes Charlotte into the corner and drives her shoulder into Charlotte’s midsection then follows up with a knee shot. She charges again but Charlotte knocks her down with a boot. As Bayley is down on the mat Charlotte looked like she was going to go for Natural Selection but Bayley quickly got up and tackled her to avoid it. Charlotte kicks Bayley in the leg and then hits her with a spear. Charlotte toyed and taunted Bayley some more and then got caught in the suplex for the finish.

* WWE Champion Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler by DQ when Ziggler hit him with a kendo stick in a fairly long match.

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