Jim Ross reveals that Vince McMahon had an ’emotional reaction’ him signing with AEW

Jun 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Jim Ross reveals that Vince McMahon had an ’emotional reaction’ to the news that he was leaving WWE for AEW

On the latest episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross talked about his contract with WWE expiring earlier this year, his decision to not renew, and telling Vince McMahon that he is going to AEW.

On why he didn’t want to try to renew his contract with WWE:

“I can tell you, when I didn’t engage in renewing my contract with them at the end of March, which is another big snafu on his staff, because there is no way that you would have my contract end a week before WrestleMania. That’s stupid. He admitted it, it’s stupid. That’s crazy. It was a bad position and somebody didn’t point it out to him or they wanted me to be gone and not have a chance to return, because he said to me, ‘JR, God dang it, if you had stayed, I was gonna have you work WrestleMania.’ This year, this WrestleMania, and I hadn’t even been on television. I worked two times in 2018. ‘Boy, that’s a great deal, JR, that’s a great job.’ No it’s not, it’s not a great job. It’s not a great job when you’re sitting home, and you’re trying to battle depression, and you’re grieving for your partner, and Jan, all that, had such a tough year. But I also think that his sympathy for me, and his empathy for me, got me a two year contract which I didn’t ask for. But I got it, and it was good money.”

On if he told Vince McMahon that he is going to AEW in person or over the phone:

“No, not in person. I didn’t want to go to Stamford, it wasn’t required.”

On how Vince reacted to the news:

“He was very emotional in that regard, as was I. It’s hard to explain, he’s got a soft heart more often than not but he doesn’t want anybody to see it. I remember one time, I’m walking through the gorilla position, and we had something really good, house was great, everything was wonderful, and we kind of got over the hump, and the 83 week thing was now in the rearview mirror, and I was excited about going out and working, and I said, ‘Vince, God damn man, what a night. I bet our dads are really proud of us.’ And man, he got tears in his eyes, and he screamed at me, ‘God damnit, JR!’ He didn’t want to hear that, because it touched a nerve, because he’s still fighting, and I still think he is, to this day, to still please his Dad, Vincent J. McMahon. And I believe that. But there is nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with sons wanting to emulate their fathers if it’s emeritus, if the father is deserving. So yeah, he’s got a softer heart. But I think, signing me to a two year deal, I signed a two year contract on Friday before WrestleMania on Sunday, and that was the WrestleMania that I came back as a surprise and helped broadcast the Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns match. That was my assignment, the main event. So that’s what he talked about this year, ‘Well, if you had stayed around,’ I said ‘Well, I got a great opportunity and I’m going to take it, it’s the best paying job I’ve ever had.’ And we discussed that a little bit and he said, ‘Well I can’t match that.’ ‘Well you can match it, you can match it, but you won’t match it, and nor would I advise you if I was in my old roll, to match it.’ Let him go.”

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