Alexa Bliss: “I’ve had implants since I was 17”

Jun 29, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Alexa Bliss has revealed she had breast enlargement surgery at aged 17 to help her overcome her body-image problems.

There was a rumor going around last year that Bliss took time off after WM 34 to get breast implants. It was actually to get some maintenance done. Since she revealed she’s had implants since she was 17:

“There’s a lot of rumors about it like, ‘Oh did Alex Bliss get implants?’ I’ve had implants since I was 17.”

I’m very open and honest about it. When I had my eating disorder I got down to eighty-five pounds.

“My doctor told my mom said if [I] don’t get admitted I will die. They treated my health symptoms, they didn’t treat the mental side of it.

“The second time I was hospitalised they treated it like a mental disorder and a mental illness and that’s actually when it started getting better.”

“So, I was very self-conscience about my body and the fact that I felt like I looked like a seven year old boy.”

“There are studies that show [implants] helps women recover from eating disorders because they feel more womanly and they feel better about their bodies and their self image.

“All the doctors in on this one procedure were my pediatrician, my eating disorder doctor, my psychologist, my psychiatrist.

“I will never regret doing that for myself because it helped me get over my eating disorder and my body image issues.”

(The Spotlight)

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