Triple H’s Goal Before NXT Takeover: New York Was To Break $1 Million Live Gate

Jun 28, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

In the recent WWE Network documentary Creation & Destruction, Triple H revealed that one of his goals with NXT was to break the $1,000,000 mark for a live event gate. NXT Takeover: New York, which happened before Wrestlemania 35 (which the documentary is set before), did so with a $1,124,000 gate. Here are highlights:

On his different roles in WWE: “Different hat, different environment, different roles and obligations but you got to be on. Get up in the morning and hit the ground running. Moving on to media calls where I now have to step into a different role of promoting the event. Taking that hat off and now stepping into a production meting where I have to put on the hat of creating an event and how that event will come to life and what’ll be like.”

On balancing work and life: “Work life balance is a lie. You hear it in business talks, TED Talks, you hear people talk about it all the time. Truth is, it’s a myth. You do the best you can, that’s the secret. Be in the moment. Be in what you’re in, in the moment. If I’m working, I’m working. If I’m with my kids, I’m with my kids. I’m trying not to work. When you’re doing what you’re doing, be in that moment.”

On helping NXT to grow: “There had been an opportunity as we were first doing NXT as the brand kept growing, I wanted to do an over one million dollar live event gate – that’s a goal for me. You constantly have to set goals in life to get where you want to go and that was one of them.”

On coaching NXT talent: “I sort of feel like often feel like the coaching is more important. With RAW and SmackDown, you’ve been doing this for longer and you’re sort of self motivated. You’re having all these conversations with yourself and inner monologues. They don’t know to have them yet, so that coaching is important to them. So, I just try to go back at times and if I was in their shoes and what I would need to hear and just try to think about things that helped me through stuff.”

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