Bischoff Talks About Reports Of Rick Rude Walking Out of Slamboree 1994

Jun 26, 2019 - by James Walsh

On the latest episode of 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed an issue between Rick Rude and Ric Flair backstage at Slamboree 1994. On the show, Flair defeated Barry Windham to retain the WCW Title while Sting defeated Vader to win the vacant WCW International Title. However according to reports by Dave Meltzer, Rude was originally set to defend the WCW International Title against Sting, and wanted to do an interview where he would complain about being stripped of the title (due to his back injury) because he won by illegal means (which was the storyline reason for him being stripped of the title). Flair didn’t want Rude to do the interview because it would take legitimacy away from Sting and Vader and their match for the International Title, and because it would only serve to get Rude over even though he was not part of any future plans. Flair had other ideas on what Rude should say, but Rude didn’t agree and walked out hours before the show started.

Flair has said in a past interview that Rude wanted to be in Sting’s position as the face of WCW and showed up to Slamboree 1994 upset with Flair (who was a booker at the time), and that Flair showed him the ratings and told him he isn’t drawing the numbers, and that this was part of the issue between the two.

On if the story of Rude walking out of Slamboree 1994 after a disagreement with Flair is true: “I don’t know if that was the real story or not, I’m not going to bust it out and say it wasn’t accurate, because, look, Rude and Flair didn’t get along, it’s that simple. That situation became exacerbated over something that is probably close to this, I would guess. I wasn’t in the middle of the issue between Flair and Rude. I wasn’t there when it happened. I wasn’t a part of it. So I can’t tell you word for word, or issue for issue, if this is 100% true, or 50% true, or 2% true, I can’t tell you that because I wasn’t there. But I can tell you that there was an issue, because I had to ultimately resolve it. So I’ll give Dave [Meltzer] the benefit of the doubt on this because I don’t know any differently.”

On the rumor that Rick Rude made some advances on Ric Flair’s valet, Fifi, that caused contributed to the issues between the two: “There was some of that, yeah. Are we talking about Fifi? We’re talking about your mother-in-law! This is so much fun. This is so weird, Conrad [Thompson], this is so weird. You were 11 years old, I think, when this was going on, right? What are you, 36 now? You were 12. OK, so you’re 13 years old, you’re still pre-pubescent, Alabama, probably looking forward to playing football, doing all the things that a 13 year old kid is doing at the time, and your future mother-in-law, Fifi, is front and center in an issue between your future father-in-law and Rick Rude. And we’re talking about it 25 years later, isn’t the world a fascinating place?”

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