6/25/19 WWE Smackdown Recap

Jun 25, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results June 25
Portland, Oregon

SmackDown kicks of live with highlights from Raw last night with the return of The Undertaker to help Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre.

We go live and we see Shane McMahon who says Roman Reigns feared facing Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre and we don’t care about Roman Reigns wanting help from The Undertaker but we will show them both at Xtreme Rules, a message to the SmackDown don’t get on my bad side because I am p***ed.

Music of New Day come out and commentators announce that at Xtreme Rules Kofi Kingston defends WWE Championship against Samoa Joe.

Kofi welcomes us to Portland, Kofi says he has had some fantastic moments in WWE and his life, but on the flip side I have experienced devastating brutal moments and I went toe-to-toe with Dolph Ziggler at Stomping Grounds to retain WWE Championship inside the Steel Cage. Before I had a chance to celebrate this happened to me on Raw (We see Samoa Joe attacking Kofi Kingston on Raw).

It was brutal, agonising and painful, Samoa Joe is like a force of nature, Samoa Joe will feel it and I will not let Samoa Joe defeat me. Dolph Ziggler comes out and says I did the heavy lifting and someone takes my spot. When we were in the cage and beat each other and you took the cowards way out to save the title, everyone knows I should be WWE Champion right now, and after speaking to management if I beat you tonight then I will be added to the WWE Championship match at Xtreme Rules and it becomes a Triple Threat. Dolph says also the match tonight is 2/3 falls. Dolph Ziggler leaves.

Commercial break

Elias is on his guitar outside locker room of Shane McMahon and The Miz says he wants to see Shane McMahon and then Elias says no and stops him and then Miz says we need to end this tonight. Shane McMahon comes out and Elias says Miz says he wants a match against you and Shane says it is on if he can beat you tonight in Best 2/3 Falls.

Non-Title Tag Team Match
SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan Vs The New Day

Match starts with Bryan and Woods, Woods taken down by Bryan, Woods nails elbow on Bryan for a two count, Rowan tagged in and takes down Woods, Rowan stomps on Woods in the corner and behind the referees back Bryan stomps on Woods. Rowan with chops to Woods. Bryan tagged in and climbs to the top rope as Rowan hangs Woods on the top rope and knee to back of neck by Bryan for a two count.

Rowan with a boot to Woods, Woods tries a low kick and climbs to top rope and is caught by Rowan and slammed. Rowan cuts down Xavier Woods as we go to commercial break

Commercial break

When we return Rowan in control and Bryan and Big E tagged and Big E with 2 overhead belly2belly suplexes. Big E goes for splash but caught and Bryan hooks on Labelle Lock. Xavier Woods breaks the hold, Rowan chases Woods but he drop kicks him into wall. Bryan with Yes Kicks to Big E and Uranagi drop by Big E on Daniel Bryan, Midnight Hour finisher nailed on Daniel Bryan for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The New Day – Big E and Xavier Woods

After the match Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens appear and they attack New Day and Rowan and Bryan get involved till Heavy Machinery appear and help try and even the odds and they triple team Rowan and send him out the ring.

When we return we have a 8 Man Tag Team Match

8 Man Tag Team Match
Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn & SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan Vs The New Day and Heavy Machinery

Match starts with Tucker and Rowan and they battle and fight in the corner and a suplex of the top rope. Iron claw on Woods and running knee on Big E by Daniel Bryan. Bryan climbs to top and jumps but Tucker catches him and turns him inside out. Otis tagged in and Zayn tagged in and Otis mows other members down and Otis drops Zayn with a drop and splash in the corner. Otis nails the Caterpillar Drop on Sami Zayn and Compactor Finisher for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The New Day and Heavy Machinery

We see Alexa Cross talking to Nikki Cross and Nikki says if she wins Alexa Bliss gets her opportunity at Bayley at Extreme Rules.

Commercial break

Best 2/3 Falls Match
The Miz Vs Elias w/Shane McMahon

Match begins quick with Miz in control and takes him down and then does corner splash and then Elias is being checked by referee and Shane McMahon pulls on Miz leg allowing Elias to nail drift away for first fall.

Commercial break

When we return 2nd fall starts and Elias with punches in the corner. Elias in control of The Miz with a takedown and a chinlock. Miz with punches to the gut, Miz with punches to Elias and kicks to Elias in the corner and running double knee. Elias dropped with a DDT for a two, kicks to Elias, corner kick missed. Running shoulder kick to Elias, Shane on turnbuckle knocked down by Miz and then Shane McMahon comes in and beats down and the referee calls disqualification and Shane isn’t happy. Shane and Elias double team Miz and Shane slams Miz into table and then over the desk. Elias stomps on The Miz, Shane sends Miz into security wall. Miz nails a Spear on Miz. Referee rings bell

Third Fall and Elias drops the elbow of the top rope for the win.

Winner via Pinfall 2-1 Elias

After the match Shane nails Coast to Coast on The Miz.

Kayla Braxton interviews Finn Balor about his win at Super Showdown against Andrade. Shinsuke Nakamura walks in touches belt and leaves. Referee checks on The Miz.

Commercial break

Non-Title Singles Match
Nikki Cross Vs SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley

Nikki Cross with unorthodox moves till Bayley regains control, Bayley in control and puts Cross in Tree of Woe and low drop kick.#


When we return Nikki back in control and nails a kick and sends Bayley into corner post and then a bulldog from the corner. Bayley tries a dive to the outside but Cross moves out the way and Bayley lands on the floor. knee to Cross by Bayley. Cross does a kick into a rollover for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Nikki Cross therefore Alexa Bliss gets a WWE Womens Championship at Extreme Rules

We see Carmella backstage looking for R-Truth and then finds him and then Drake Maverick comes in and says I lost the title at my wedding and now couldn’t capture it and you have ruined my life. Truth says he thought it was Carmella’s wedding and says I want to give you a chance so get a referee. A referee comes and Truth says no because he wants to be champion.


Womens Division Singles Match
Sonya Deville Vs Ember Moon

Deville with punches and kicks to Moon. Moon with a punch and thrust takedown on Deville. Moon with a dropkick takes down Deville. Deville sent outside and Mandy tries to get involved and Deville sends Moon into the ringpost and rolls her up for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Sonya Deville


Best 2/3 Falls Match
Dolph Ziggler Vs WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

Ziggler in initial control till Kofi gains control. Ziggler with chops and a drop kick by Kingston for a two, Rollup by Ziggler for 1 Multiple quick falls between the two. Kofi gets the win with SOS.

Fall 1: Kofi Kingston. After the fall Ziggler nails a Zig Zag on the outside.


Ziggler in control and nails a super kick for the win and tieing it up 1-1.

Fall 2: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler with another takedown for a two count. Ziggler sends Kingston into post, Ziggler with a chicken wing but Kingston escapes. Ziggler taken down with a DDT but Ziggler regains control sending Kofi into turnbuckle and elbow drop. Backslide by Kofi for a two count, Ziggler sling shot into corner but Kofi escapes and then nails a suplex for a two, then a short DDT by Dolph for a two count. Ziggler with chop and Famouser by Ziggler countered into drop bomb by Kingston for a two count. Ziggler sends Kingston shoulder first into the post and then nails Zig Zag for a two count. Ziggler goes for superkick but missed, then Ziggler dropped with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winner of 2/3 Falls Match via Pinfall WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

SmackDown ends

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