Kurt Angle Defends WWE’s Current Product, Says He Plans on Staying Retired

Jun 25, 2019 - by James Walsh

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle took part in a fan Q&A session on his Facebook page. Below are some highlights.

Kurt Angle on if there’s anything he’d change now about today’s WWE shows: “The shows are about as good as they’re going to be. Keep in mind that WWE is a world wide phenomenon. It’s bigger than ever. With that comes responsibility. WWE is a publicly traded company that gears toward children and families. During the attitude era, wwe catered to young adults. The storylines were Rated R type storylines. WWE can not do those types of storylines anymore. And IF they do, it has to be done very carefully. WWE has shareholders that are involved in the product. The shareholders want the company to remain a “family” type show. That’s the difference in writing. As far as the wrestling is concerned, it’s every bit as good now as it ever was. These are strictly my opinions, but I think they’re accurate.”

Kurt Angle on if he’d ever come out of retirement: “I don’t see any scenario that would force me to come out of retirement, I plan on staying retired. You need to give Goldberg and Undertaker credit for getting in there and doing what they did. Both are big guys and “power” wrestlers. I believe they both still have the ability to wrestle again if given the right opponents. I believe they both would have great matches with smaller wrestlers. Especially at their age. That’s my opinion.”

Angle on the hardest part of his life: “Getting clean and staying clean from drugs and alcohol. My addiction started with one pain killer. That’s all it took. I was hooked. It’s the only time I did NOT have control of my own life. But I couldn’t get clean on my own. My wife Giovanna helped so much in helping me stay clean. I’ve been clean for 6 years now.”

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