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With Stomping Grounds now in the rear view mirror, we head towards the City of Extreme for Extreme Rules. This is “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse. Welcome to the Raw Zone!


BURN IT DOWN! And Seth Rollins walks out to start the show.




Rollins addresses last night. Becky’s music hits, and the Man comes out too. Seth says Becky interrupted him. Rollins gives credit to Corbin. Corbin was smart, but not smart enough to realize that he has the best backup on the planet. Corbin’s music hits as he now comes out to make excuses, but Evans comes out to brawl with Evans. Corbin finally comes out to fight and eats a Slingblade for his trouble. Corbin blames Becky for him not being able to capture the gold and challenges Seth & Becky for a mixed tag team match. Evans says Extreme Rules. Lynch accepts, only if they agree that if Rollins & Lynch win, Corbin & Evans get no more opportunities at the gold. Rollins accepts.


Up next, 8-man tag team elimination match!


Bryan, Rowan & The Revival VS The Uso’s & New Day members Big E and Xavier Woods

The bell rings and Daniel starts with Woods. Bryan is way over. Dawson decides he’s gonna start. Lockup, headlock takeover,. E tags in. Warrior Splash/leg drop combo. Rowan tags in and runs over New Day. Warrior Splash misses. Woods & Bryan Tag in. Flying Goat hits Dawson. Front missile dropkick and a kip-up by Bryan and the Yes Kicks start. Revival caught Bryan and got him pinned. Shatter Machine gets the pin on New Day. We’re down to the Revival & The Uso’s. Stereo Flying Uso and a double back body drop. Crossbody gets a two. Blind tag for Jimmy, double team gets a two. Dive misses, superkick connects. Powerslam by Dash for a two. Dash strips the shirt off Jimmy & chops him. Headbutt. Dawson tags in and a Doomsday Bulldog gets a two. Rewind Enziguiri hits, dive countered. Jey tags in. Double team blocked, Superfly Splash gets the pin.



PPV RECAP: Reigns VS McIntyre


Backstage the Miz is heading to the ring. MIZTV with 24/7 Champion R-Truth. This will be the most interesting MIZTV ever.


Pretape with Strowman pulling a 8 1/2 ton semi. In the ring, MIZTV is set up. Miz introduces his guests, Carmella & R-Truth. The 24/7 title rules are suspended during this interview.

RECAP: Drake Maverick’s wedding leads to him losing the 24/7 Championship back to R-Truth

Miz asks if Carmella is supporting that. R-Truth says he hasn’t been able to do much. Carmella says yes, the wedding was extreme, but that’s how important the title is to Truth. Drake Maverick comes out and says his wife won’t do a thing with him a “constipation” chant breaks out in the crowd (first time for me). Drake challenges Truth for the title. Miz says if he accepts, all other wrestlers are banned from the area. R-Truth accepts and it’s next!



R-Truth w/Carmella VS Drake Maverick

the bell rings and it’s a less than 30 second squash.

winner: R-Truth

postmatch, LHP, Cedric Alexander & No Way Jose brawl with Truth. It ends with Fabulous Truth escaping. After, Charly Caruso goes to interview Drake and asks him for comments. He starts bawling and shakes his head, walking off.


Backstage, Roman Reigns is shown walking to the ring. The first of our triple main events is next!


RECAP: opening segment tonight


Backstage, Lacey & Baron are talking.


HERE COMES THE MONEY and Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre make their way to the ring. Roman is out next.



Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre VS Roman Reigns

Mike Rome is told to announce this match is now 2 on 1 Tornado Rules. Reigns decks Shane & Drew starts in. Roman beats on Shane before Drew pulls him out and runs him into the steps. Drew lifts the steps and drives them down in a Reigns sandwich. Shane starts the beating. Irish Whip into the Claymore Kick. Irish Whip into the spear. A second Claymore Kick connects. Coast to Coast is attempted, but the Undertaker shows up and chokeslam Shane. Undertaker then beats down both Shane & Drew.


Segment ends with Undertaker glaring at a scared to death Team McMahon.


In the ring, a tug of war setup is there. Strowman comes out. Lashley’s music hits, and this will be a unique contest

Pretape with Lashley trying to pull a phone pole out of the ground. The rope breaks instead.


Lashley VS Braun Strowman

Lashley has Strowman on defense until Strowman fires up and pulls Lashley over the line. Post contest, Lashley blasts Braun and uses the rope to damage the eyes of Strowman. Strowman tackles Lashley and gets barricade whipped.


Backstage, Charly Caruso interviews AJ Styles. He wants to face the best, and Ricochet is the best. No Way Jose’s music hits, and The Good Brothers are shown dancing. AJ lambastes them and asks where the Bullet Club Anderson & Gallows is. Gallows says those two are about to go face their opponents.


The Club VS The Viking Raiders

The bell rings and Luke starts with Ivar. Luke pounds on his. Anderson tags. Erik tags after Anderson is softened up. Karl fires up with a clothesline. Gallows in and is grounding Erik. Erik tried a comeback, but Anderson tags in and hits the Boot of Doom for a two. Erik hits a straight right, Ivar rags in. Flying Viking, Erik tags in, Viking Experience, pinfall.

Winners via pinfall: Viking Raiders


ackstage, Alexa & Nikki are talking. Nikki apologizes for losing her cool last night. Alexa says Bayley is good at manipulating. Nikki wishes Alexa could get her rematch. Alexa has  to come up with a plan to get her rematch. Nikki leaves.


Backstage, Nikki, Natalya & Naomi are talking.  Natalya & Naomi are telling Nikki she can’t trust Alexa. Bliss comes in and a match is made for later.


Back inside, R-Truth causes the stampede and Heath Slater pins Truth. Distractions allow Truth to regain the belt. Cedric Alexander hits the Lumbar Check and wins the belt. EC3 DDT earns him the belt. Carmella allows Truth to pin EC3 to regain. Truth is now a 9-time 24/7 Champion.


PPV RECAP: Ricochet VS Joe


Backstage, Sarah Schreiber interviews Ricochet. Ricochet thanks everyone for the support and it’s still sinking in. Tonight, he faces a hero of his, AJ Styles.


Kofi Kingston is shown warming up. The second of our huge triple main events is next!


Kofi is introduced and comes out throwing pancakes  to the crowd.

PPV RECAP: Kofi VS Ziggler

Charly Caruso interviews Kofi Kingston, but can’t finish the first question before Sami Zayn’s music hits as Sami & Kevin come out for an impromptu Sami & Kevin Show. They keep making fun of Kofi. Kofi says New Day are brothers. He then mentions beating Owens himself, Ziggler himself and will beat Sam Zayn by himself. Zayn is told he doesn’t get it, and Kofi’s tired of hearing Sami & Kevin talk. Kofi wants the match to start now.


Kofi Kingston VS Sami Zayn

Kofi starts out hot. Sami backs him into the corner and unloads before the ref pulls him back. Irish Whip, elbow, clothesline, dropkicks, Boom Drop. Trouble in Paradise countered for a two. springboard twisting dropkick. Baseball Slide misses. Baseball Slide connects. Owens stomps Kingston outside. Zayn puts Kofi back in and keeps him grounded. Sami knocks down Kofi. Running clothesline puts Sami down. Dueling fists lead to another knockdown. Stinger Splash blocked. Corner Exploder hits for a two. Michinoku Driver gets a two for Sami. Springboard kick countered for a two. Blue Thunder Bomb countered for the pin.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Postmatch, Owens challenges Kofi to face him.


During the break, an ad for the upcoming RAW in Tampa airs. Matches advertised are Corbin VS Rollins for the Universal Championship and Shane & Drew VS Roman.


Owens tries for a high risk move and Kofi gets the knees up. Pop up Powerbomb countered into a backdrop. SOS on the entrance ramp. Kofi beats the count to win.

Winner via countout: Kofi Kingston

postmatch, Zayn tries to strike Kofi and gets a suicide dive for his trouble. Kofi gets assaulted by Samoa Joe, culminating in an uranage on the stage. Referees help Kofi up, but Joe locks the Cocquina Clutch on and Kofi goes to sleep.


RAW RECAP: The Undertaker returns earlier tonight


The lights go out as Naomi comes out for in ring action


Naomi VS Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross

Naomi kicks Bliss to start the match. Clothesline to Naomi for a two. Naomi hits a pair of kicks and a jumping split for two. Baseball Slide hits Nikki when Bliss avoids. Alexa hits the DDT and gets the pin.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Postmatch, Nikki & Alexa beat on Naomi until Natalya slides in for the save


Natalya & Naomi VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Natalya & Nikki starts, and dominates. Bliss tags in. Naomi tags in. Full Nelson Bomb. Running Turnbuckle Bulldog into Natalya tagging in. Nikki distracts, allowing an Alexa right hand. Headlock. Natalya slams Bliss for a two. Snap suplex pair on Bliss. Sharpshooter countered. Nikki tags in. Running Bulldog for a two. Shoulder by Nikki. Crossbody on Natalya for a two. Bliss tags in. Swinging Neckbreaker. Alexa comes in for the pin.

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross


Backstage, Ricochet & AJ are shown heading to the ring. The final of our huge triple main events is next, as AJ Styles takes on Ricochet.



AJ Styles VS Ricochet

the bell rings and we’re underway! AJ pushes Ricochet into the corner. Clean break. Wrist lock. Side headlock. The Good Brothers come out to ringside. Irish Whip countered. Anderson attempts to grab Ricochet by the boot. Styles gets on the mic and says this match will not continue until The Good Brothers head to the back. Ricochet with the waistlock, side headlock on Ricochet. Back suplex countered. Dropkick by Ricochet for a 1. Wrist lock grounds Styles. Ricochet gets a two. Right hand rocks Ricochet. Flip counter leads to the Pele Kick. Shoulder into Ricochet’s stomach, kick to Ricochet. Styles is cut. Front face lock countered, back body drop to Ricochet. Dropkick sets up the Fosbury Flop. Snapmare to a kick gets a two on Styles. Gut kick and a two on Ricochet. Modified camel clutch. Forearm uppercut to Styles. Kick to Styles. Spinning Backfist. Step up Enziguiri. Flying Forearm. Shoulder and a top rope clothesline. Standing shooting star press gets a two. Forearm. Suplex countered. Inverted DDT gets a two. Styles double legged and a jackknife pin for a two. Clothesline gets a two on Ricochet. Back elbow. Chops in the corner. Twisting suplex and a Lionsault gets a two. 630 blocked. Phenomenal Forearm gets the pin.

Winner: AJ Styles

postmatch show of respect. Show goes to black with AJ in ring.


My Veteran Opinion

great show. The 24/7 Championship is entertaining, but not to be taken seriously. Nikki/Alexa reminds me of Heidi Lovelace/Taeler Hendrix in OVW.


On a serious note, I have to apologize to you folks. I gave a guy named Matt Polinsky the benefit of the doubt when reports of him having a workplace affair  came out. I’m sorry for giving that sorry ass piece of trash a chance. This is a real person saying this to you. For Steve and the rest of the site, I’m Billy Rouse. Good night folks!

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