Former WWE superstar on last night’s cage match: “It felt like two mid carders out there”

Jun 24, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

On last night’s WrestlingInc post show Matt Morgan was highly critical of the WWE title Steel Cage match:

“It felt like two mid carders out there and this is what happens when you treat two guys like mid carders for as long as you did with them then finally decide to go with them.

Kofi has yet to get that big rub as Champion. He should’ve feuded with Randy Orton someone on that level so he could get a rub. Or if he came back even a John Cena you know what I’m saying?

Guys I hate to say it but a feud with Shane might just be what Kofi needs. Just as long as Shane doesn’t win the title.”

(The Spotlight)

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