WWE Stomping Grounds Pre-Show

Jun 23, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

WWE Stomping Grounds 2019 Pre-Show
Tacoma, Washington

 Join me for live coverage beginning at 6pm ET with the Kickoff pre-show.

We are welcomed to Stomping Grounds PPV and are joined by the kick off panel with Jonathan Coachman with co-host Charly Caruso and guests David Otunga and Booker T.

Charly Caruso talks about how to order WWE Stomping Grounds on WWE Network.

Panel discuss the card of matches. We are told the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat happens on Pre-Show. Will Becky Lynch leave as Becky No Belts after her match with Lacey Evans.

We see highlights from WWE Super Showdown when Dolph Ziggler didn’t win WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston leading to WWE Championship Steel Cage match.

We see Booker T and Charly Caruso inside the ring surrounded by The Steel Cage and they discuss the match and structure.

Big E and Xavier Woods are guests on the panel and say Kofi will win as we will against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Panel discuss WWE Championship match with Corbin choosing guest referee.

Charly Caruso backstage interviews Baron Corbin about his choice and Baron says he has made his choice but keeping it a secret so Rollins doesn’t know.

– Break –

Panel discuss SmackDown Womens Championship and WWE United States Championship.

Ricochet joins the panel to discuss the match. Samoa Joe intervenes via video link and say he has no chance. Ricochet says he will show his action in the ring.

We see Rowan and Daniel Bryan and they discuss how bad the tag division has become and we will destroy them both when we defend the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, we need to save the division and they need to be thanking us.

– Break –

Panel discuss Roman Reigns Vs Drew McIntyre and the lead up to the match. We see Shane McMahon defeating Roman Reigns at Super Showdown. Drew McIntyre says I will hurt you and your children won’t recognise you, the truth hurts and won’t hurt as much as what I do to you tonight.

–  Break –

We go to ringside and 205 Live commentators are at ringside.

Triple Threat Match for WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Challenger: Akira Tozawa Vs Challenger: Drew Gulak Vs Champion: Tony Nese
Commentators: WWE 205 Live: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuiness and Aiden English
Referee: Darrick Moore

Gulak with a kick to Nese and then Gulak sends Tozawa out the ring, Nese with a kick to Tozawa and takedown for a two, Tozawa tries to roll up Nese but Gulak kicks it and does a rollup and causes a double pin but a two count. On the outside a superkick to Gulak by Nese, then a suicide dive by Tozawa onto Nese and then dives off apron onto Drew Gulak. Tozawa climbs top and nails missile dropkick for a two count before Gulak breaks it up.

Gulak sent to the outside, Tozawa climbs to top but stopped with a palm strike. Nese with a two broken by Gulak. Gulak sends Nese to outside but lands on apron and then Gulak suplexed Tozawa onto Nese.

Gulak nails a DDT on Nese and tosses him to outside, then Gulak with a headbutt to Tozawa and then Tozawa hooks Arm bar submission on Gulak in the ring. Forearm to Tozawa by Nese. Gulak with a scissor lock submission and then Tozawa dives of the top rope with a high back senton to break the hold. Huricanrana takes down Gulak by Tozawa, Face plant from Tozawa, running kick by Tozawa for a two. Gulak sends Tozawa outside then Nese back in and a springboard moonsault by Nese on Gulak for a two count. Nese with chops to Gulak sending him to the outside. Akira on top rope stopped with a chop. Tozawa puts Nese into Tree of Woe, then Gulak off the top and nails suplex on Tozawa, then Gulak goes for DDT but bolt bomb by Nese broken up by Akira Tozawa. Spinning kick and then running knee to Gulak broken and then a DDT on Tozawa by Nese into the corner for a two count, Nese does a back suplex into corner on Gulak. Nese goes for running knees and Tozawa knocks him down and then Drew Gulak nails Crucifix Bomb into Pin for the win and becomes new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Winner via Pinfall and New WWE Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak

Back to pre-show panel an they discuss the PPV.

Panel discuss matches taking part.

We see feud between Lacey Evans and Becky Lynch. Panel talk about the Raw Womens Championship match.

End of Pre-Show

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