Matt Riddle Wants Brock Lesnar to Pass the Torch to Him

Jun 23, 2019 - by James Walsh recently interviewed NXT Superstar Matt Riddle. Riddle discussed how he wants Brock Lesnar to go out of his wrestling career by passing the torch to him [Riddle]. Below are some highlights.

Riddle on his NXT match with Drew Gulak: “Oh, I was stoked. It was great, and then when we wrestled, of course, the producers were trying to be like, ‘Hey, what are you going to do?’ And me and Drew were like, ‘Well, this is probably going to be the finish, and I’m probably going to hit this and this’ and they were like, ‘Well, when?’ And we were like, ‘We don’t know.’… We’ll be like, ‘It’s in this order,’ but we were not sure how we were going to get there. We might just do some strikes, we might do a sequence of grappling. It might be maybe a running spot, we don’t know, and we went out there, and honestly, that’s still one of my favorite matches since I’ve been to NXT.”

Riddle on who possibly stole Stokely Hathaway’s CD player: “Do I know who stole Stokely’s … I don’t even know if he has—or even had one. I think he just ­made it up. If he had one and I had to pick somebody… It’s hard. I think it would be probably Mia [Yim]. I feel like Mia would steal it just to mess with him and not tell. Yeah, I’m pretty sure. She’s always messing with people.”

Riddle on looking forward to facing Johnny Gargano in NXT: “I would say, the match I’m really psyched on and I don’t know if it’ll ever happen… But I feel like I couldn’t wrestle [him] on the indies … he left right before I got there. And now I feel like I should wrestle [him] but we always have teamed: That would be Johnny Gargano. I never, never wrestled him. Never touched. Never locked. Never locked the horns. I don’t even think we’ve played in the ring. I think I’ve shaken his hand, that’s about it. And talked to him. Other than that, we have done nothing.”

Matt Riddle on who he wants to face on the main WWE roster: “Well, I mean, there’s so many people. But I would say, Cesaro’s been up there. His athleticism and style, you know, [basically] that’s what I’m into. And then like an AJ Styles, Andrade, Finn Balor—I mean, the list goes on. The main roster has a ton of talent. But it’s just a matter of getting the opportunity and the right amount of time. You know how it goes.”

Matt Riddle on how grinding on the indy circuit prepared him for NXT and WWE: “The thing with wrestling here is it’s just on a bigger stage, it’s more important. And I feel like sometimes there’s a different level of professionalism and … it’s a little harder. You gotta focus on a lot more things. You can’t just be like, “Oh yeah, I forgot to do that but it was still good.” You’re not just performing for the audience in front of you there, you’re performing for the audience at home. So I feel like that’s the biggest thing. I feel like that even though they have bigger and better cameras, I feel like sometimes it’s harder for them to get the angles they want. Because there’s so much going on. But I feel like in the indies, you had three guys with camcorders just running around the ring. Like dude, they don’t have any cords or anything.”

Matt Riddle on his timetable on retiring Brock Lesnar: “You know, I feel you just have to look into his contract. Whenever he does it. I think of it as more of a passing of the torch. And the thing is, it’s like one of those things, I feel like it would be a good way to go out. And I feel like, if it’s going to be anybody… If he’s going to have his last match with anybody… If Ric Flair had his with Shawn Michaels in WWE, I don’t know why [Brock Lesnar] couldn’t have his with me. I think it would be good.”

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