Dana White claims Lesnar made the right decision not to return to UFC

Jun 20, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

UFC President Dana White said that Brock Lesnar probably made the right decision by not returning to the UFC.

Speaking during a live stream on Instagram, White said that he was not pissed at all that his former Heavyweight champion made a U-turn and decided to stick with WWE instead. “Brock’s had a good run here. It’s been fun,” White said.

White claims that Lesnar’s head was not in the game and to fight in this sport, you have to be 100% invested. “You’ve got to be in. It’s not where his head was. He made the right decision.”

Lesnar had a UFC Heavyweight title match lined up against Daniel Cormier for his first fight back since UFC 200 but with Lesnar out, Cormier will now fight Stipe Miocic in August instead.

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