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With Stomping Grounds this Sunday, what is gonna happen?! Who will the guest referee be for Rollins VS Corbin? All this and more tonight! I’m “The Real Deal” Billy Rouse, and it’s time to enter the RAW Zone!

The show begins with Elias, and he name drops Anthony Davis. He calls the people in LA more toxic than the air. He removes his jacket and reveals he is the guest referee for the main event this Sunday. Seth Rollins attack’s Elias with a steel chair and wears him out. Seth says after everything he’s been through with Lesnar, he’s done playing games. This is what awaits anyone who decides to side with Baron Corbin.

The Miz’s music hits, and it match time.

Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale on a helpless Elias

Lashley Spears a helpless Elias

Cesaro takes a helpless Elias swinging

Ricochet hits a codebreaker to a helpless Elias

Strowman finishes Elias off with the running powerslam


Miz VS Bobby Lashley VS Cesaro VS Ricochet VS Braun Strowman

The bell rings and Braun clears house. Joe is at ringside. Miz gets bealed across the ring. Cesaro slams Strowman. Lashley spear blocked and a powerslam. Strowman pins Cesaro. Vertical suplex to Strowman. Powerslam gets the pin and Lashley is eliminated. Strowman wipes out Miz and Ricochet with the Bulldozer tackle. Running splash puts Miz on Dream Street. Spear by Lashley interfering and a Neutralizer get Strowman pinned by Ricochet. Strowman launches Ricochet into Lashley. Strowman has snapped! Ricochet snaps off the hurricanrana and hits a flip dive over the top rope. 630 countered, kick by Ricochet. Skull Crushing Finale countered for a 2. DDT by Miz gets a 2. Miz starts up the It Kicks. Figure four countered into a 2. Miz gets the figure four. Ricochet tried to reverse it and does. Miz reverses Ricochet. Ricochet gets the rope break. Figure four countered into a 2 by Ricochet. Ricochet hits a knee. 630 on Miz and it gets the pinfall.


postmatch assault by Samoa Joe. Ricochet fires off a Fosbury Flop to Joe.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Rowan arrive and Becky Lynch is shown walking around.

Becky Lynch’s music hits, and she heads out to confront Lacey Evans. The Man has a microphone. She wastes no time calling out Evans, so the next time she gets within striking distance of Lynch she’ll get what she deserves. Lynch challenges Evans to fight. Evans comes out and says Lynch doesn’t understand her. Evans calls herself classy. Evans takes a shot at Becky being in the Marine movie franchise. Lynch knows Lacey’s story, but doesn’t understand why Evans sucker punches everyone. Lynch hits the Bexploder unexpectedly and takes Lacey’s hat, ultimately kicking it. Backstage, the Revival walk by and enter Shane’s dressing room. Team McMahon is drinking champagne.

Charly Caruso interview with Baron Corbin. Corbin has another idea already, and will reveal the pick later on the Kevin & Sami Show. Rollins with the chairshot from Hell and Baron is left laying. Seth says he’d offer Corbin a seat, but he’s got work to do. The Viking Raiders are shown backstage. Erik and Ivar are in tag team action, NEXT!

Daniel Bryan’s music hits as Bryan & Rowan come out. He says the McMahons brought him out to LA because LA sucks. It’s filled with ignorant and impotent people. Tonight he will excite you by beating Seth and prove that he & Rowan are the greatest team in WWE history! A stare down occurs with the Viking Raiders and Bryan/Rowan

Viking Raiders VS Randy & Russ Taylor

the Viking Experience gets the short squash win

Winners: Viking Raiders

R-Truth & Carmella cause the stampede. Truth ducks under the ring, but everyone pulls Titus O’Neil from under the ring, allowing the Crash Holly escape.

KO, Sami Zayn & Corbin are shown in gorilla.

Kevin Owens’ music hits as he & Zayn come to the ring. Up next is the Kevin & Sami Show with special guest Baron Corbin announcing his second referee pick for Stomping Grounds.

Backstage, Team McMahon is still partying as Heath Slater comes in. Slater asks for a raise. Shane says no. Shane sends Drew out in the hall. Drew drops some money and obliterates Slater. Shane & The Revival stop him and take the money.

The Kevin & Sami Show with special guest Baron Corbin. Even KO is told to do the long winded intro for Corbin. Corbin walks out and looks fine.


Sami says WWE isn’t a safe environment due to Seth Rollins using a chair on both Sami and Lesnar. They cut to the chase and ask about the referee. Baron Corbin introduces the referee: EC3! Seth comes out and the beating begins again. The chair is actually bent! Baron asks if Seth is gonna take another opportunity away from an up and comer. New Day’s music hits as they come out to the ring.

Sami says they aren’t on the lineup, so he’s asking New Day to leave. Kofi says he does when he wants, when he wants. Kevin Owens says he’s gonna take that title from Kofi. Kofi is still gonna be the champion after the PPV. Corbin challenges New Day to a match. Xavier asks for a referee and drags EC3 to the ring to referee the match. New Day drop EC3 and head to the ring for six man tag action against Corbin, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn. NEXT!

Backstage AJ Styles is in the trainer’s room when the Club walks in. They reminisce about their WWE careers thus far. AJ tells them they got comfortable and asks when the last time they were serious. They say the gloves are off, and they will beat The Uso’s tonight.


New Day VS Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn gets dropped by Woods for a two. Owens tags in and stomps Woods before Corbin tags in and goes to town. Corbin starts toying with Woods. Elbows by Corbin. Back suplex countered intoa step up enziguiri, Owens tags in, Zayn tags in.Woods gets a roll up and a quick fall. Big E is in the corner with Zayn. Owens tags in and gets a two. Zayn tags in and hammers E. Big E tries to fight out of the corner. KO superkick gets a two. Corbin tags in. Big E whipped into the corner. Zayn tags in. Owens tags in and gets posted. Belly to belly by E and Kingston & Corbin tag in. Kingston floors Corbin and a crossbody gets a two. Boom Drop. Corbin hits Deep Six for a two. Misdirection Clothesline to Zayn leads to a KO superkick. Trouble in Paradise gets the duke.

Winners in two straight falls: New Day

Backstage, Nikki Cross gets a present from Alexa Bliss, a Title Match against the Iiconics.

Paul Heyman is getting ready, because he’s live, next!

Heyman is out alone to do his typical schtick. He’s not comfortable being out in the ring with Rollins chairshotting everyone tonight. Adamantly denies being the guest referee and calls anyone who entertains the idea is a dumbass. What do the Lakers and Seth Rollins have in common? They both traded away their balls. Brock Lesnar knows how to swing a steel chair himself. Seth Rollins is vulnerable, so maybe Brock is here, maybe he isn’t. Maybe Sunday, next Monday. No one but Brock knows when or where the MITB contract will be cashed in. Backstage Corbin talks to Eric Young. Seth comes up and EY says he’s turning it down. As soon as Young turns around, the beating begins. Backstage promo from the Uso’s.

The Uso’s VS The Club

Luke & Jey Uso start off. High kick to Jimmy Uso. Boot of Doom gets a two. AJ Styles is shown watching backstage. Karl tags in. Anderson is rolling. Gallows tags in. Magic Killer tags. Jimmy tags in, double team and the match is over.

Winners: The Uso’s

Backstage, the party continues for Team McMahon. The cameras show Roman Reigns heading to the ring.

Roman’s music hits as the Big Dog comes out to speak.

SUPER SHOWDOWN RECAP: Roman Reigns VS Shane McMahon

Roman doesn’t want to make excuses, since that doesn’t entertain the people. Reigns challenges Shane to prove he’s a man and fight Reigns. Shane appears backstage on the screen and tells Roman he shouldn’t be embarrassed. Shane declines the challenge and says Reigns needs to be concerned about McIntyre. Drew says he is going to assault Reigns and will end Roman’s night by physically disfiguring him. Reigns is heading to Shane, but the Revival get Roman first. Revival are destroyed. Shane got pinned by Roman and McIntyre got put through a wall and a table. Reigns is chasing Shane back to the ring. Let the beating commence!Shane eats a Superman Punch and a Spear. Roman gets a microphone and tells Shane to let Drew know Roman is gonna whoop McIntyre’s ass on Sunday.

Coming up next, Women’s Tag Team Championship action!

Backstage Charly Caruso interviews Bayley. Natalya & Naomi are there too.

The Iiconics come out for action. During their prematch promo, they take a shot at the Lakers.

RAW RECAP: Two weeks ago


The Iiconics VS Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss

Before the bell, Bayley comes out to watch the match. Billie & Alexa start, Alexa quickly gets some offense, rolling up Kay for a two. Peyton & Nikki Tag In. Billie tags in. Peyton tags in. Cross face armbar, inverted mat slam by Peyton. Kay tags in. Nikki tried to fire up. Knee gets Nikki, Nikki gets distracted by Bayley & Alexa fighting outside, leading to a pin.

WINNERS: The Iiconics

Backstage, Nikki & Alexa are talking. Nikki will be in Alexa’s corner on Sunday

Firefly Fun House

Gardening is the order of the day. Other than that, a promo for the Fiend. Follow the leader.

Charly Caruso interviews Daniel Bryan in gorilla. Rowan is alongside him. Seth Rollins is not a better wrestler than Daniel. In WWE, Rollins has never beaten Bryan.



Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan w/Rowan

Seth hits a headlock takeover. Bryan tried the Flying Goat, only to get caught by the Barricade Dive. Rowan slams Rollins on the apron, leading to the DQ.

Postmatch, a brawl takes place with New Day, Uso’s, KO, Sami Zayn, Rowan & The Revival.

Mike Rome announces the match will restart with no one allowed at ringside.

Rollins launched over the ropes and into the steps. Bryan with the running single leg corner dropkick trio. Rollins counters with a clothesline. Bryan lands the backflip, only to get a Slingblade for 2. Rollins calls for and goes for the Burn it Down Stomp. Trio of two counts. Dueling punches lead to dueling kicks and an ankle lock. Stalling German Suplex on Seth. Running knee off the apron levels Seth. Bryan heads up top and is blocked. Superplex blocked. Headbutt knocks Seth down, but he hits the superplex. Falcon Arrow countered into the LeBell Lock. Rollins gets the rope break. Bryan fires up the Yes Kicks. Flying knee countered into the Buckle Bomb and Avada Kedavra gets a two. Seth goes up top for a countered frog splash. LeBell Lock countered for two. Step up enziguiri and the Burn it Down Stomp gets Seth Rollins his first WWE win against Daniel Bryan.

Winner via pinfall: Seth Rollins

Postmatch, Corbin levels Rollins with a steel chair. Back in the ring, Baron hits the End of Days and holds up the Universal Championship to send us off the air.

For Steve and the rest of the site, thank you and good night!

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