6/16/19 AAA Worldwide Results

Jun 18, 2019 - by James Walsh

Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide results from Merida, Mexico at Poliform Zamna and live on Twitch, per Wrestling With Demons:

They didn’t start on time. They promoted a 6pm bell time but they didn’t get everything fully settled and on the air until 6:35pm. They briefly appeared on air before that and there was some sort of pre-show match going on.

* Chik Tormenta vs. Keyra vs. Women’s Champion Lady Shani: The main Spanish feed with the actual video went out right during introductions but the English announcers remained on air and stretched for time. Keyra won the title by stacking up Shani for the pin after the roll and double stomp to the gut. She and Tormenta shook hands and hugged after. Tormenta gave Keyra a rolling fireman’s carry right into Shani in the corner. She then went for a moonsault but missed. Shani gave Keyra a backstabber on the apron and Keyra fell to the floor. Tormenta gave Shani a running dropkick as Shani tried to get back in the ring. Tormenta then gave her a diving double knee stomp on the floor. Keyra flew out of nowhere and gave Tormenta a hurricanrana.

Penta El 0M and Rey Fenix came out. They said it was good to be back and they would win the Tag Titles back with fan support. Konnan came out with a chair. He said Lucha Bros. turned their back on him and said The Young Bucks would retain as champions. Penta said Konnan was old and stuck in the past and this was a new generation. Konnan slapped Penta. Fenix tried to keep the peace between them. The Young Bucks ran out and beat Penta and Fenix down. The Bucks were wearing AEW t-shirts and the announcers pointed it out and said AEW is going to be a war.

* Lady Apache vs. El Hijo Del Tirantes (with Chik Tormenta): Apache got the pin after a missile drop kick into a trash can that Tormenta tossed in to Tirantes. This went way too long. Tormenta interfered throughout the match. Tirantes and Apache traded off beating each other up with a metal sheet. The feud will continue as Tirantes acted like he wanted to shake hands after but Tormenta jumped Apache from behind and she and Tirantes stomped her down. There was an odd glitch during the match as Scarlett Bordeaux’s theme music played a couple times as Tormenta was interfering. It made you think she was coming out to counter Tormenta but she never came out. The announcers did mention it and said it must be an error by the DJ.

* Australian Suicide and Sammy Guevara vs. Maximo and Mamba: Guevara pinned Mamba after the shooting star press and splash from Suicide. Mostly a comedy match with a few high spots mixed in. Guevara and Suicide did the hand gesture signal around their waists that they are looking for a tag titles shot after the match.

* Tessa Blanchard and Daga vs. Taya and Laredo Kid: Kid pinned Daga after the Laredo Fly after Daga accidentally knocked Blanchard out with brass knuckles as she held Kid.

* Killer Kross (with Scarlett Bordeaux), Chessman, and Monsther Clown vs. Puma King Pagano, and Aero Star: Bordeaux came out looking like a crimson queen with a red outfit and elegant red cape. Clown grabbed another little kid from the crowd and paraded him around ringside on his back. King pinned Chessman after a powerbomb off the ropes onto a ladder set up on two chairs in the ring. There was a really dangerous high risk spot as Aero Star climbed even higher up the ring structure and did a dive on Chessman and Monsther. He bounced off Monsther and his head and neck took a twisting bad roll on the floor. He was stretchered out after the match. Bordeaux interfered. She hit Pagano with a metal sheet and gave Aero Star a Canadian Destroyer. Kross gave King the Doomsday Saito Suplex and a powerbomb after then took off his mask. The announcers speculated that Kross there will be a mask vs. leaving AAA match between the two down the line.

What’s really sad about Aero Star’s situation is that he didn’t think his high risk dive off the structure last night was good enough and tweeted earlier today that he was going to try to top it:


Les voy a ser totalmente sincero es un vuelo muy difícil de realizar pero no imposible….prometo mejorarlo,le voy a dar la estética que se merece. Un vuelo que por la altura no se puede practicar pero les prometo que lo voy a lograr. @luchalibreaaa @LuchaAztecaAAA @Los_Aerofans

10:42 AM – Jun 16, 2019
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* Myzteziz Jr., Hijo Del Vikingo, and La Parka vs. Rey Escorpion and Texano Jr. and La Heidra: Vikingo pinned La Heidra after the Reverse 450 Splash. Vikingo did a dive off the top rope to the outside and managed to catch Escorpion with a hurricanrana. Myzteziz Jr. did a dive to the outside and Texano Jr. caught him and powerbombed him on an edge of a chair.

* AAA Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. Lucha Bros: Pentagon got the pin after the package piledriver and double stomp double team finisher. Tirantes was back as referee for this one. It was chaotic at the end with lots of suspense. Each team pulled Tirantes out of the ring to stop the count and make the save for their partners. Tirantes ended up getting accidentally bumped. The Bucks gave Pentagon a low blow and pulled off his mask which would have been a DQ but there was no ref. A second referee eventually came out. The announcers questioned why Konnan wasn’t there and said that there will probably be another rematch between the two teams because of the finish.

* Taurus, Blue Demon Jr. vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. and Psycho Clown: Wagner pinned Demon after the Wagner Driver in a bloody main event. Wagner and Demon started the match by brawling in the crowd. Wagner was bloody almost immediately. The metal sheets were used as a weapon again. Wagner busted Demon open with a chair shot and Demon was gushing blood all over himself. Wagner gave Demon a slow motion backdrop through a table set up in the ring before the finish.

The announcers said the next show on Twitch will be July 3.

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