Secondary market tickets for All Out carrying a massive price

Jun 15, 2019 - by Colin Vassallo

Ticket scalpers are set to make a ton of money after getting their hands on AEW’s All Out tickets yesterday and putting them on sale on secondary market websites with a huge markup in price.

When attempted to get in line for a ticket, we were in line in the 60,000 range, meaning there were that much people queuing in front for a ticket. For an arena that can hold around 11,000, that’s a pretty insane level.

Checking secondary market websites for tickets, the $30 tickets are going from $125 to $250, the $90 tickets are going for over $200, and $160 tickets are going for over $500. There are tickets over $4,000 which went on sale originally for $90.

It’s safe to say that All Elite Wrestling is the hottest thing in town at the moment and at this level, they can afford to go and sell out larger arenas. The trick starts when starting the weekly TV show and trying to fill up medium-to-large arenas around the United States.

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