Joey Ryan Explains Why He Turned Down Deal With All Elite Wrestling

Jun 15, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Appearing on the NotSam Wrestling Podcast with Sam Roberts, Joey Ryan explained why he turned down a deal with AEW.

“People still think I’m [in AEW] or expect me to be there. Those guys are my best friends, and that doesn’t change. I’ve had extensive discussions with them, and they’re not sure if what I do can play on their television show,” revealed Ryan. “They don’t really have an idea specifically for me where it’s like ‘if we bring you on, we have to take away what makes you over.’ So, it’s a gamble for me, not only creatively, but financially, because I’m making better money than these contracts offer, at least to start.

So I’d be taking a pay cut and essentially start over. We’ve had discussions, but it just didn’t make sense. It felt like I’d be irresponsible to myself and where I’m at with my life, finances, my geography, and creativity. It would be a gamble that I don’t need to take.”

Ryan continued, “We realized they’re gonna be successful without me and I’m gonna be successful without them. Maybe our paths will cross at some point, but there is no urgency to it because neither of us necessarily needs the other one right now. It’d be nice to work with my friends, but it’s not a necessity right now until they figure out their product and how they want to present it.”

Transcript credit: Fightful

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