Ashley Massaro Memorial Fundraiser Reaches $100,000 Goal

Jun 14, 2019 - by James Walsh

– The fundraiser for Ashley Massaro’s daughter has officially reached its goal of $100,000. The GoFundMe, which was launched by the Squared Circle Sisters to help Massaro’s daugher Lexi following Massaro’s passing, hit the six-figure mark on Thursday after Mick Foley donated $4,303 to get it to the goal line.

Foley donated a good portion for the fundraiser at $40,611. $31,307 of that came from the sales of Cactus Jack T-Shirts that he did to benefit the fundraiser. Other big donators from the wrestling world include Kevin and Karina Steen/Owens ($1,500), Gail Kim ($1,100), and Lilian Garcia ($1,000).

As of now, the fundraiser has reached $100,010. The goal has not been adjusted, but the fundraiser is still ongoing.

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