Awesome Kong on her AEW debut: “Oh my gosh, it was overwhelming”

Jun 11, 2019 - by James Walsh

Awesome Kong made a surprise return to wrestling at AEW Double or Nothing when Brandi Rhodes added her to the match between Britt Baker, Nyla Rose and Kylie Rae. During Deadline‘s Netflix Show Stealers panel to promote season three of GLOW, Kong said she wasn’t sure fans would remember when she appeared. Here are highlights:

On if she expected to get into acting: “I started in acting as a kid. My mom was in acting. She was like the OG momager, like a real stage mom, but I was shy when I was a kid. So when I would go to auditions, I’d be like the WB frog where I wouldn’t say anything and then we would go like into the car where I’d say like all the lines and she would look at me like, ‘ten minutes late kid.’ It didn’t quite work out. I had a few gigs but nothing quite principle.

On becoming a wrestler: “It started as a joke. I had a really nice career, also I was a business owner and it just was like, ‘I’m gonna do something crazy!’ The first year was like, ‘I’m gonna do something crazy. I’m gonna go on Wheel of Fortune!’ And then I went on Wheel of Fortune. ‘That was fun, what else is crazy?’ I did win, $10,400!. And then I was like, ‘I’m gonna be a wrestler! How can I meet The Rock? If I’m a wrestler, I can get backstage. And If I get backstage, I can meet The Rock. I’m gonna be a wrestler.’ That was like, seriously, the original plan. And then it just turned into an actual career.

On her debut at Double or Nothing: “Oh my gosh, it was overwhelming. I really didn’t think people would remember me. We were in Vegas for a new promotion called AEW which will be on TNT in October, and it’s kind of like this new rebel company of all the people who’ve been disgruntled by Vincent K. McMahon,” Stevens laughed. “But yeah, when I came out, it was at the MGM Grand, the arena there, the whole place shook and went insane and I almost had to break character and go, ‘Oh my God, you remember me? Oh my God it’s so awesome’ but I had people to destroy. It was overwhelming. I trended for hours on Twitter. The whole situation blew up so I thought it was gonna be a one time thing but it looks like it may not be.”

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