6/11/19 WWE Smackdown Live Coverage

Jun 11, 2019 - by Achal Mohindra

SmackDown Results
June 11, 2019
Sacramento, California

SmackDown kicks of with commentators saying there is a Six Man Tag Team Match later tonight,

The Miz comes out to host Miz TV and I am not in the mood right now, Miz is told he must follow this script, and introduces Drew McIntyre and the pest of the world Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon comes out with Drew McIntyre and Elias. (We see highlights from Super Showdown with Shane McMahon beating Roman Reigns) Shane says you messed up the introducing of Shane McMahon so asks Gregg Hamilton to do it. Shane says he invited Elias as the special musical guest. Elias plays a tune on his guitar, (Crowd chant You Suck) Shane says I defeated Roman Reigns 1-2-3 in the ring, he shouldn’t be ashamed for losing to the BEST IN THE WORLD. Miz says your wins and accomplished are tainted, The Miz says McIntyre helped you win, (We see interview with Roman Reigns after Super Showdown match)

Drew McIntyre says in two weeks he will kick the head of Roman Reigns at Stomping Ground. Miz says your potential is wasted by being Shane McMahon lacky and will stab you in the back like he did with me. Shane says I have a record against you both. Miz says there is nothing special about you apart from being born a McMahon, Shane says you have DNA as the same of the baked potato.  Shane says you want another go at the BEST IN THE WORLD then you need to beat Elias first, then beat Drew McIntyre and then you get a match with me.

Commercial break

Singles Match
Elias Vs The Miz

When we return match is underway and Elias in control of The Miz and Miz regains control with chops and kicks in the corner and nails his running knee in the corner twice and then missed the third time.

Elias nails a powerbomb on The Miz for a two count, Elias climbs to the top rope and missed a dive and allows The Miz to nail Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner via Pinfall The Miz

After the Match Drew McIntyre enters and asks for the bell to be rung.

Commercial break

Singles Match
Drew McIntyre Vs The Miz

When we return The Miz is in control of McIntyre and sends him outside then into the wall, Miz drops McIntyre with a DDT. McIntyre has the referee distracted and then Shane tries to get involved allowing Drew McIntyre to lay the Glasgow Kiss and Claymore Kick for the win

Winner via Pinfall Drew McIntyre.

Singles Match
Shane McMahon Vs The Miz

After the match Shane says he is ready for his match right now. Shane McMahon gets in and gets control and then nails the triangle choke for the win.

Winner via Submission Shane McMahon

We see Ember Moon and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville approach her then say Carmella will be beaten by Sonya like I beat Mandy Rose last week.

Commercial break

Rowan and Daniel Bryan come out and say we will defend our titles tonight and introduce some people who are YOLO Tag Team Champions but Heavy Machinery come out and they say they want to have a damn good time, they say if we faced you we would become champion.

Tag Team Match
Heavy Machinery Vs Jack Star and Evan Troy.

Heavy Machinery in control and Otis drops one of them with a DDT and then a Catepillar and Dump Truck Splash for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Heavy Machinery

We see R-Truth and Carmella backstage and then they hear noises and then Carmella tells him to get into a trunk, then it gets locked and Carmella heads to the ring for her match. Jinder Mahal pretends to be Carmella and says he will get a crowbar.

Commercial break

Womens Division Singles Match
Sonya Deville Vs Carmella

When we return Deville in control of Carmella. Carmella tries to gain control but a running knee by Deville regains control, Carmella regains control and nails her submission but Mandy Rose put her foot on the rope and causes the break, then Carmella chases Mandy Rose around the ring and then Rose goes into the ring and then Carmella tosses her out and then does a dive onto both Deville and Rose, Deville brings Carmella back in the ring and nails a high knee for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Sonya Deville

We see Alexa Bliss backstage and Nikki Cross comes in and Alexa Bliss says Bayley has been saying things about you, I have secured you a match later tonight and when you look her in the face think about the comments people have said about you.

The New Day comes to the ring the celebrate Kofi Kingston retaining WWE Championship at Supershow Down

Commercial break

The New Day come out to the ring and Big E says if I had a title match every time I returned I would be a multi time champion like Charlotte Flair. Xavier explains about their opponents tonight. Kofi says I beat them all and at Stomping Grounds will do it inside the steel cage, Dolph can’t run from me and I will remain WWE Champion.

Music of Dolph Ziggler and he comes out, Dolph says I put you on a pedestal, you betrayed me, and you betrayed yourself because you are a coward, only one reason you are WWE Champion (we see highlights of Xavier Woods helping Kofi to retain) Dolph says it should have been me but at Stomping Ground and no-one to save you from me, You and I will be locked in a steel cage and without your friends you couldn’t beat you. Kofi says you kicked Xavier in the face, Music of Sami Zayn hits. Owens and Zayn come out, Sami says these disgusting people don’t care about justice and have no morals, no ethical code, we are here to right wrongs and enjoy beating up the New Day. Big E says we enjoyed Rollins destroy your behind with the chair, people cheered because I was the referee and they were hypocrites, Dolph says biggest hypocrite is standing in the ring with the WWE Championship, Big E says this title isn’t about anyone of you and he will walk through to show what the best I can do. Kofi says I will forever remain WWE Champion.

Commercial break

Non-Title Womens Division Singles Match
SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley Vs Nikki Cross

Alexa in control of Bliss, Bayley drop kicks Bliss of the the mat, then does her drop kick through the rope, Nikki catches Bayley into the ring apron, Cross spike DDT on Bayley for a two count.

When we return Cross in control, Bayley in control and Alexa tries to interfere but Bayley doesn’t allow it, Bayley takes down Nikki Cross and then nails a splash of the top rope for the win.

Winner via Pinfall SmackDown Womens Champion Bayley

We see Jinder Mahal with a referee looking for R-Truth then Carmella is looking for R-Truth.

Commercial break

We see a Firefly Fun House clip.

Kayla Braxton interviews Apollo Crews and Zelina Vega comes in and says don’t upset Andrade or you will never have action again.

Six Man Tag Team Match
Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler Vs The New Day – Big E, Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

Match starts with Woods and Ziggler, Zayn tagged in and Woods in control, Unicorn Stampede on Sami Zayn in the corner, Behind the referees back Ziggler takes out Kingston on the outside, Behind the referees back a rolling Senton on Kingston on the outside by Owens

Commercial break

When we return Owens in control of Kingston, Woods tagged in and Owens gains control and Xavier climbs to top but referee distracted and Ziggler pulls him down, Ziggler gauges the eyes of Kingston. Ziggler has a body scissors applied, Woods with a rollup for a two but then Ziggler grapevines leg and tags in Zayn, Zayn with knees to back of Woods, Woods with chops to Zayn. Zayn with punches to Woods. Owens tagged in and a stomp to Woods, powerslam by Owens and a mid rope moonsault for a two count. Woods with a DDT on Owens. Ziggler and Big E tagged in and 2 belly 2 belly suplexes on Ziggler, then a third Belly 2 Belly, Big E with a splash on Ziggler and Spear attempt blocked by Ziggler on Big E and then Zayn tags in and Ziggler goes for a super kick but Ziggler kicks Zayn and then Kofi nails Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The New Day – Big E, Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

SmackDown Ends

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